zaterdag 11 november 2017

Week 45 in #wapenhandel25tweets

(Gaarne 'liken' of delen als je het nuttig of interessant vindt.)

Introduction text in Dutch follow. For now watch tweets on Swedish, Norwegian and German arms export policy.

Nederland (zie ook 4, 5, 16, 20, 25, 27, 29, 30)

1 – 081117: retweet @NIDVnews - Succesvolle Industriedagen VS Washington mmv Nld ambass, min Def, minEz en Amerikaanse overheid + industrie. Zakendoen met de VS!

2 – 071117: Also 09/17 many vaguely described Dutch dual use deliverances of equipment for information security. (Excell sheet)

3 – 071117: Report: #Dutch technology may have helped advance #Iran's weapons program

EUROPA (zie ook 17, 28)

4 – 111117: Dutch MP @SadetKarabulut against plans to establish European defence fund [in Dutch]: further militarisation and subsidizing of arms industry brings peace not closer to people. #noEUmoney4arms

5 – 111117: MEP @DdJong states that arms industry lobby gets more influence in Brussels. Blog inspired on @Vredesactie report.

België (zie 5)
Denemarken (zie 24)
Duitsland (zie 15)
Frankrijk (zie 18)


6 – 081117: #Greek P-3B Orion #MPA aircraft modification costs $ 260 million. #Lockheed is the winner.

Noorwegen (zie ook 12)

7 – 071117: #Norwegian arms exports 2016 (in Norwegian). Denials: Egypt, Filippines, Israel, Morocco, Saudi-Arabia, Vietnam etc.

Roemenië (zie 20)


8 – 101117: #Chech Imex Group is not compensated by State harming its reputation. Minister said it illegally exported ammo to embargoed #Congo.


9 – 071117: #Swedish annual arms and dual use export report 2016. Denials to MENA region incl. Turkey, Jordan & Pakistan, Taiwan

10 – 071117: Stricter #Swedish arms export rules proposed to enter into force on 15 April 2018. Who follows?


11 – 061117: #Swiss arms industry want to be able to #export to countries with internal conflict. [in German]


12 – 061117: Arminfo: #Norway refused to sell arms to #Azerbaijan

Australië (zie 25)
Congo (zie 8)
Iran (zie 3)


13 – 091117: #Morocco launches its 1st #spy #satellite with the help of #Airbus and Thales and with Spanish and Algerian concern.


14 – 061117: #Australia, US, S. Korea conduct naval drills to stop N. #Korean suspected ships. No #submarines involved. via @smh


15 – 091117: #Germany unwilling to sell #Ukraine arms production machinery complains #BPP parlementarian Ivan #Vinnyk or #Vinnik.


16 – 101117: #Dutch company based on airport #Schiphol illegally delivered radar for #fighter aircraft to #Russia. [in Dutch]


17 – 091117: EU may impose arms embargo on #Venezuela, lays basis for sanctions: diplomats.

VAE (zie ook 22, 29)

18 – 091117: #UAE closes deal for two French #Gowind navy #corvettes, #Macron Again with Dutch fire control radar?  @FRANCE24



Airbus (zie ook 13)

19 – 061117: #Corruption at #Airbus leads to struggle 4 power. Korruptionsermittlungen: Bei Airbus tobt ein dreckiger Machtkampf


20 – 101117: Damen acquires majority shares in Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries.

Thales (zie ook 13, 18)

21 – 071117: retweet @RedSocksMTD - Afgelopen week op 1 & 2 nov stonden wij samen met @thalesnederland op Infosecurity in @jaarbeurs. Het waren twee leuke en succesvolle dagen!




22 – 061117: Trump could let #UAE buy F-35 jets with components from #Netherlands, #UK, #Denmark, #Norway etc. Remember #Yemen.

23 – 061117: Defense News Forecast: Middle East Fighter Jet sales.

24 – 071117: Next scandal around #JSF. #Denmark’s multi billion-kroner #F35s may not be up to job: national audit office report

Observatie technologie (IT) (zie 2)
Onderzeeboten (zie 6, 14)

26 – 081117: #Boeing and #Lockheed to develop navy's Extra-Large Unmanned #Submarine #XLUUV 4 number of tasks. via @PopMech XLUUV (zie ook:


27 – 111117: Dutch SP/gov Q&A inspired by @CTWnl report on #missile #defence role of LC-#frigates and new Belgian frigates answered by Minister of Defence. Not aimed only at #Russia.


28 – 091117: On the differences between the European and the US model of developing #space craft and overview of recent tech.

Wapenbeurzen (zie ook 21)

29 – 111117: #AIMOL NL, #Fokker Services, #Lupa Aircraft Models, #NATIONALAIRCARGO Nederland attend Dubai Airshow from the Netherlands 

Corruptie (zie 19)

30 – 101117: Dutch navy want laser canons. Currently Dutch can not confront Russians, admirals states. [in Dutch]

Onderzoek en activisme (zie ook 27)

31 – 061117: Free summaries of #SIPRIYearbook 2017. Available in Catalan, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish & Swedish:

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