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Week 37 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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Graphic illustration of major Indian weapon program. Fifty six per cent of Indians, some 680 million, lack the means to meet their basic needs. see tweet. And 421 million have a serious hunger problem.

Netherlands / Nederland (see also 19, 20, 23)

A – 110918: Dutch government has supported an armed group in Syria with non-lethal equipment, who by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service has been classified as a terrorist organisation. According to research by Dutch daily Trouw and TV-program Nieuwsuur. [in Dutch]

France (see also 15)

1 – 100918: Naval Group want to forms partnerships in Egypt to export maintenance and overhaul for the Egyptian navy warships. [in French]

Germany / Deutchland

2 – 120918: Are German ships del;ivered to the KSA used in the blockade against Yemen?
Sind aus Deutschland gelieferte Kriegsschiffe indirekt an Blockade des Jemen beteiligt? via @sternde

3 – 130918: German small arms exports #SLAW with details on numbers, type, value and countries of destination.

Italy / Italia (see 8)

Spain / España

4 – 100918: Globally applauded decision by Spain to stop bombs going to KSA wasn't final Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles told senators at a hearing on Monday. She expects talks with the Saudi's would settle the dispute.

5 – 130918: Spain will go ahead with the sale of 400 laser-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia, a contract it had decided to halt last week because of the Saudis' role in the war in Yemen, El Periodico newspaper said on Wednesday citing diplomatic sources.

Switzerland / Suisse

6 – 150918: Swiss arms companies make profits, but nethertheless want relaxing of arms export regulations. [in French] Aux armes de la paix, citoyens suisses

Turkey / Türkiye

7 – 100918: Defense contractor indicted for fraud, might be hiding in Turkey. ( See also earlier tweet: 6 September 2018:

8 – 100918: Turkey’s homegrown helo makes maiden flight. Turkey says it designed the T625 locally, though industry sources note that the platform has strong resemblance to the AW139, made by the Italian-British AgustaWestland.
9 – 130918: Turkey has stepped up arms supplies to Syrian rebels to help them stave off an expected offensive by the Syrian army and its Russian and Iran-backed allies in the northwest near the Turkish frontier, rebel sources told Reuters. via @AlArabiya_Eng

10 – 160918: The components which are produced by Turkish companies for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program and Turkish participation as a reliable program partner.

UK (see also 8, 16)

11 – 120918: For the first time, a majority of UK Conservative (52%) voters oppose arms sales to the Saudi led coalition on Yemen, the poll taken on 29-30 August showed. This marks an increase from 25 per cent who said they were opposed in June.

12 – 130918: Arming the Middle East (Kuwait in this case) with Eurofighters. Budget for current fiscal yr includes $1.1 bln to buy Eurofighter aircrafts

REST of the world


13 – 150918: Report critical of Australian procurement process. THE auditor general has claimed the federal government spent $222m on new Bushmaster vehicles in 2016 solely to keep the Thales Bendigo facility operating. The deal was not value for money for taxpayers.

Egypt / Mişr (see also 1)

14 – 100918: Gross violator of human rights, Egypt, to get US$1.2 billion in military aid.

15 – 110918: Egypt launches first locally built Gowind corvette fitted with 16 VL-MICA surface-to-air missiles and 8 Exocet MM40 surface-to-surface missiles as well as 1 76 mm, two 20 mm guns and with a Thales (Nederland) -supplied sensor suite.

Kuwait / Al-Kuwayt (see 12)


16 – 160918: UK Defence Secretary and his Qatari counterpart ­unveiled the £5bn contract for 24 Typhoons, together with a package of support and training, in December. However, the final terms are yet to be confirmed and the sale has already been pushed back once.

Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see 2, 4-5, 11)

Syria / Suriyah (see Netherlands, 9)

Yemen / Al-Yaman (see also 2, 11)

17 – 140918: Spain backed away, but still interresting. @PWezeman "seeking a military solution to the situation in #Yemen seems hopeless," restricting arms sales is a viable way to apply pressure and expedite a diplomatic framework that may ultimately end the conflict.

18 – 160918: How Congress Can End the War in Yemen. From 2013 to 2017 Washington supplied more than 60% of Saudi arms. Congress has not directly used its power to force the president to remove US armed forces from participation in a war. Until now. via @nybooks



19 – 130918: Fokker wil tijdens OBD jongeren enthousiast maken voor werken in de wapenindustrie - Hoogeveen - ...

20 – 130918: Fokker alive and kicking components for Apaches and F-16, both used at the Yemen battlefield.


21 – 130918: A plea to privitize the party State owned French arms industry, like Safran, Nexter, Naval Group, Thales, Dassault Aviation, Airbus and MBDA [in French]

Thales (see 15, 21)


F-35 (see also 10)

22 – 150918: Again most expensive weapon system ever gets bad press.

23 – 160918: Dutch SP asks questions on the consequences (also for the Netherlands) of canceling Turkish participation in F-35 project.

Robot weapons / AI

24 – 100918: Leaders at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency #DARPA announced Sept. 7 a $2 billion initiative, known as AI Next, that aims to substantially improve artificial intelligence research.

25 – 140918: “A prohibition treaty is urgently needed before massive international investment goes into LAWs,” says Noel Sharkey professor AI & robotics. With DARPA announcing a new $2 billion investment in "next wave" military AI, time is running out.

Small Arms (see 3)


Corruption and fraud (see 7)

Research and activism

26 – 100918: We've just heard that Roxel missile is not accepting any deliveries today due to our vigil. #protestingworks #stoparmingsaudi

27 – 130918: The US Export Control Reform Act and Possible New Controls on Emerging and Foundational Technologies, part I-III

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