maandag 20 februari 2017

Week 7 in 25 tweets

In India was deze week een grote luchtmacht wapenbeurs Aero India. Op zondag werd deze gevolgd door IDEX in Aboe Dhabi. In Amsterdam was een bijeenkomst van Europese (inclusief Oekraïne) hotemetoten uit het materieelverwervingweereldje in een hotel. De wapenverkoop gaat onverdroten door.

Misschien was het meest opvallende toch wel de Keniaanse commotie rond de aanschaf van ongeschikte vliegtuigen uit de Verenigde Staten (zie week 6 voor de officiële bekendmaking daarvan) en de aandacht daarvoor in de VS en Kenia een week later.

Nederland (zie ook 4, 20)

1 – 140217: Broekstukken: Export of Dutch dual-use satellites in 2016 (in Dutch, English version later this week) Nederlands: English:
2 – 14/02/17: Het vijandsbeeld van Europa klopt niet

3 – 140217: Is the international arms embargo ended? #Ukraine wants closer military ties with #Burma/#Myanmar, expert says
4 – 160217: #Ukraine procurement officials now at #EDP, #Amsterdam. Recently named in IHS JDW (8/2) as part of Ukraines problems.

5 – 160217: #Austria sues #Airbus together with #EFA it illegally charged nearly 10 percent of the purchase price #corruption


6 – 140217: #Turkey is part of #EU zone for arms trade licenses. So how can #conflict zones offer space for Turkish #APC sales?


7 – 190217: Defence industry in focus as Idex kicks off in Abu Dhabi 
Look for who's there at #IDEX2017 :

8 – 150217: #Armenian National Committee of America calls on State Department to oppose #Israeli Iron Dome sale to #Azerbaijan


9 – 150217: Figures and viewpoint on global and East Asian military budgets, focussing on China.

10 – 13/02/17 Swedish defence giant #SAAB offers to build high-tech #jet production factory in #India.


11 – 160217: The ghost chopper story continues: Another twist in Indonesia's puzzling AW101 helicopter buy:


12 – 160217: US House Representatives wants to block the January Arms trade sold to the #Kenyan Government! by @andrewfeinstein

13 – 190217: Envoy Robert Godec clarifies #Kenya's #arms deal with #US - Daily Nation


14 – 160217: Arms ban #Myanmar/#Birma still valid? More an more countries (India, #Pakistan, #Ukraine) do if it isn't. But it is!


15 – 140217: Belgium: The Next Missile Defense Superpower?

16 – 160217: The later you'll step in, the cheaper they are. Here’s how cost of each version of the #F35 #JSF is changing

Special Forces

17 – 13/02/17 #Renault Trucks Defence delivers heavy vehicles to #French special forces #SF


18 – 13/02/17 Military satellites, the Pentagon's industrial relations


19 – 13/02/17 SFO drops investigation against two key individuals in GPT/Airbus bribery allegations relating to Saudi Arabia:


20 – 160217: After #navy tugs, now #OPVs. #Damen and #SouthAfrica Shipyards in the lead to build new Navy hulls | defenceWeb

Corruptie (zie ook 5, 11, 19)

21 – 170217: #Compensation deals for arms contracts are bad they make the price higher and open the door to #corruption.

22 – 180217: #Corruption in defence-industry endemic. #Bulgaria's new interim government finds many irregular defence contracts

Activisme en onderzoek

23 – 160217: Protest at European Defence Procurement lobby in Amsterdam hotel. Protest bij 'feestje van de wapenlobby' in Zuid

24 – 150217: Stop the Cardiff arms fair! Full of activities.

25 – 150217: Charges dropped for nine protesters against arms trade in New Zeland | Otago Daily Times Online News