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My tweets for June 2023


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June 30

‘#Masculiene oriëntatie #krijgsmacht complex probleem’

Ja en al vele decennia. Het leger maakt een man van je, door Marcel Bullinga, 1984! https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/leger-maakt-een-man-van-je/1001004005127022/ Kan je 't niet oplossen of heb je er belang bij? Maneuvers door Cynthia Enloe stelt het 2de.

The U.S. State Department has approved the sale of F-35 fighter jets, munitions and related equipment to the Czech Republic in a deal valued at up to $5.62 billion, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

Turkish Vice President Cevdet Yilmaz met on 22/6/2023 with UAE President Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan during an official visit to Abu Dhabi they discussed UAE’s interest in additional Bayraktar TB2 drones.

Amid intensifying tech war, SiFive a US chip design firm, sees opportunity in China. It does not solve China’s problem of how to manufacture advanced semiconductors given Western export restrictions on chip-making tools.

A senior official in Kazakhstan has said that a certain volume of dual-use goods is being delivered to neighboring Russia, despite efforts to prevent that from happening. The minister of Trade said that more than 100 companies are under close scrutiny.
“When the sanctions [against Russia were first imposed, representatives of Western countries responsible for enforcement] handed us a list of 7,000 types of goods that were the object of sanctions,” he told RFE/RL. “Currently, there are …. 104 types of goods."
“Currently, there are …. 104 types of goods. 

June 29

Even retirees now called upon to expand arms production. Raytheon wants them to help restart Stinger missile production used against Russian planes in Ukraine. https://www.defenseone.com/business/2023/06/raytheon-calls-retirees-help-restart-stinger-missile-production/388067/

Pentagon uses Ukraine funds to find new sources of weapon grade alluminium, cobalt and chemicals for manufacturing propellants and explosives away from Russian & Chinese sources. Investment in Canada is sought, aswell as coop with the Australia & the UK. https://www.defensenews.com/pentagon/2023/06/27/pentagon-uses-ukraine-funds-to-split-supply-chains-from-russia-china/

Rights? Peace? Development? No. #Saudi Arabia & #France step up strategic collaboration. It will reduce Saudi reliance on US arms, the Economist intell unit notes. Look away from the nasty aspects, enjoy exports, foreign relations & military ties. Cynical. https://country.eiu.com/Saudi%20Arabia

#German arms exports again at high level of €4.62 in the 1st half of 2023 (12% more as same period last year); #Ukraine (€1.18 bn) and #Hungary (€1.03bn) are most important recipient countries. The information is in reaction to questions by Die #Linke. https://www.mdr.de/nachrichten/deutschland/politik/waffenexporte-deutschland-ruestungsindustrie-ampel-100.html

German Pax Christi criticized German arms exports. https://www.domradio.de/artikel/friedensbewegung-pax-christi-kritisiert-ruestungsexporte The critisism is two fold: arms exports to countries outside EU/NATO are opposed; and the arms trade is seen as part of the Western enormous rearmament programme.

#Dutch Arms export policy & Region of Tension criterium? The #Pakistan Navy has been increasing its strength in the Indian Ocean Region #IOR recently through a combination of upgrades and new acquisitions like the PNS #Yarmouk, a #Damen-Built frigate. http://pu.edu.pk/images/journal/csas/PDF/2_38_1_23.pdf

The ship is 4 times as expensive as a modern Leopard tank. Two nuclear armed states are opposing each other, a conflict which regulary translates in armed confrontations, but nobody seems to care; not even the left opposition. It is to technical for them. Tja.

#Nederland koopt #raketartilleriesystemen van #Israël. Maar raakt Nederland dan niet betrokken bij de Israëlische militaire praktijken, de bezetting van de Palestijnse gebieden en de schending van mensenrechten, vraagt Simone Korkus zich af in #DeGroene. https://www.groene.nl/artikel/uitgetest-op-de-palestijnen

Doet het er toe? De Israëlische minister van Defensie, legt het gedrag van westerse landen pijnlijk bloot. "Terwijl ze ons veroordelen ... sturen ze hun officieren naar ons toe om te leren hoe wij tot zo'n lage ratio [mbt doden aan eigen zijde] zijn gekomen. Dat heet hypocrisie."

Waalse wapenexport naar Indonesië verzesvoudigd: ‘onverantwoordelijke praktijken’, zegt Amnesty gezien de inzet op #Papoea. https://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20230628_94661749

Walon arms exports to #Indonesia increased six fold and this is irresponsible, Amnesty stated, because of operations in West #Papua.

#Japan is including provisions in its security policy blueprint that would allow the export of next-generation #fighters (Japan cooperates on the UK led #Tempest) to other countries, despite the country's strict regulations on international #arms_sales. https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20230628/p2g/00m/0na/051000c

Agitprop: #Switzerland vetoes export of 100 tanks to #Ukraine despite never using vehicles. Bern cites #neutrality laws for blocking sale of mothballed Leopard tanks stored in Italy. https://www.ft.com/content/f33417b0-89a6-4212-a052-41da96f75234

As if the practice of using them or not changes an political idea.

See #background blog on Swiss neutrality policy: https://stopwapenhandel.org/why-switzerland-doesnt-export-arms-to-ukraine/

US congress creates bipartisan task force to modernise foreign arms sales.
The task force will aim to oversee the US government's foreign military sales process.

Republican Congress member from Texas McCaul said in May that he was willing to sell the #F16s to Ankara, on the condition that #Turkey accepts #Sweden's membership into #NATO in line with #Biden's policy but against the views of Congress. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/us-congress-bipartisan-task-force-modernise-foreign-arms-sales

Congress is ratcheting up legislative efforts to accelerate the lengthy U.S. Foreign Military Sales process mere weeks after the Pentagon released a series of its own proposals to help untangle the byzantine system.

Hummm. New York Cityto purchase over $90,000 worth of high-powered submachine guns for a specially trained emergency security unit working at the troubled Rikers Island jail complex.

On the details of the details of how Biden feted Modi, who heads a far-right authoritarian regime that is relentlessly fomenting Hindu communalism and who was himself long barred from entry to the US for his role in the 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim pogrom.

Full agreement between #India & the US can be found here:

The cooperation between the superpower and the autocratic racist regime includes: "the joint development and commercialization of Artificial Intelligence #AI and #quantum technologies."

June 28

Partly surprising, isn't it?

238,000 people died in conflicts worldwide in 2022 – more than in 30 years. Most died in a war that goes largely unnoticed in Europe: the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia. https://globeecho.com/news/europe/germany/wars-and-conflicts-more-deaths-than-at-any-time-in-30-years/

Report (see p. 52): https://www.visionofhumanity.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/GPI-2023-Web.pdf

Report on reporting fuel purchases by the US #MoD. Guess what? It is about several aspects, but the words #climate_change or #emissions are missing.

So most costs of burning #fosil_fuels aren't included. An ommission even in a report on purchasing them. https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23862067/gao-report-on-dod-bulk-fuel.pdf

June 28

Overview of the 2nd calls for proposals under the #EDF, 41 collaborative military research and development projects with a total EU support of almost €832 million are selected for funding. https://defence-industry-space.ec.europa.eu/funding-and-grants/calls-proposals/result-edf-2022-calls-proposals_en

Clear layout of factsheets but the level of information is low.

Involved Dutch companies:

Adimec Holding
Aircraft Development and Systems Engineering
Embedded Acoustics
Losberger de boer
Offroad Apps
Philips Electronics Nl
Science and Technology B.V.
Thales Nl

Invoved Research Institutes & Universities
TU Delft

6 years ago Israel Aerospace Industries #IAI announced it was investing millions in 2 promising foreign firms: #Inpedio in the #Netherlands providing “cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions,” #Cytrox registered in Hungary and focusing on “cyberintelligence” for governments.

Both were however set up by the same Israeli's, Rotem Farkash and Abraham Rubinstein, selling the spyware known as Predator. Both comanies worked closely together Haaretz investgatuions found.

June 27

Julian Cooper at @SIPRI: Despite difficulty in accessing information on budget spending, total budgeted military spending in 2023 can be estimated at 6648 billion roubles (€71.1 bn). This represents 4.4% of forecast Russian gross domestic product. https://www.sipri.org/publications/2023/sipri-insights-peace-and-security/russias-military-expenditure-during-its-war-against-ukraine

Apartheid meets authoritarian state. #Bahrain continues efforts to acquire Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems #drones. In this context, Manama is in talks with #Israel Aerospace Industries #IAI for the procurement of the Scorpius electronic warfare system.

#Rheinmetall is supplying 20 additional Marder infantry fighting vehicles to #Ukraine. #Berlin awarded the multi-million-euro deal in May as part of a $1.9 billion defense package for Ukraine. The vehicles are scheduled to be delivered this summer.

#German coalition of SPD, Greens & FDP aimed for a “restrictive arms export policy” & “more binding rules”. Then came the turning point, and now the coalition slips from values to economic and military interests. Eg by trying to sell #India 6 #submarines.

The EU on the road to militarisation.

Europe's military #industries have called on EU institutions to clarify the sector's status in line with the bloc's sustainable #finance #legislation in order to open doors for more public and private investment. https://www.euractiv.com/section/defence-and-security/news/eu-defence-industry-pressures-commission-eu-countries-to-step-up-financing/

Washington wants European defense euros to go to American companies; EU leaders hope to boost their own industries.

Boosting ammunition production in the EU defence industry. https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2023/06/23/boosting-ammunition-production-in-the-eu-defence-industry-council-ready-to-negotiate-with-the-european-parliament/

België eist een onderzoek, nu blijkt dat Belgische wapens bij Russische anti-Poetin-milities zijn terechtgekomen. Volgens experts hebben Oekraïense autoriteiten zelf geen flauw benul van wat er met de wapens gebeurt.


#Reapers. The US State Department approved a FMSale to the the #Netherlands of 4 MQ-9A Block 5 aircraft and related equipment for an estimated cost of $611 million. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification in June.

June 26

International control forum?

China’s cyberspace chief raises concerns over the power of generative AI, pledges to make it ‘controllable’

The director at the Cyberspace Administration of China, wants to ensure chat bot technology is ‘reliable & controllable https://www.scmp.com/tech/policy/article/3225366/chinas-cyberspace-chief-raises-concerns-over-power-generative-ai-pledges-make-it-controllable


#Venture_capitalists & #tech_firms beg US Defence Sec. to speed up #innovation. Executives controlling $100bn in assets co-signed a letter to Sec. Lloyd Austin, urging him to adopt acquisition reforms put forward by a Atlantic Council commission. https://breakingdefense.com/2023/06/venture-capitalists-tech-firms-beg-defense-secretary-to-speed-up-innovation/

#Turkish officials affiliated with military company #Aselsan are trying to sell SİPER missiles #SAM to the #UAE. Official stated to Aselsan that there is no interest in the procurement unless the deal would include a transfer of technology agreement.

Belgium approves agreement to increase costs of 2 ASW frigates because of extra systems. The Netherlands will place compensation orders in Belgium in the next 10 years to offset some of the cost increase.

COMMIT & Thales have signed a contract for the production/delivery of the AWWS fire control cluster and sensor suite for the 4 new ASW Frigates that Damen Naval will build for the Belgian and Netherlands’ Navies. Follows an earlier contract signed in 2018. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/group/press_release/thales-equip-new-dutch-and-belgian-frigates-leading-edge-above-water

Delivery of #F35 II wheels & brakes assemblies serviced/maintained at GKN #Fokker landing gear facility in Nld. The servicing of wheels, brakes and struts in the Nld marks the first Maintenance, Repair & Operations #MRO work for the F-35 fleet in Europe.

Romania issues ultimatum to Naval Group 4 Gowind 2500 class corvettes. Minister Angel Tlvr issued a stern warning: If the French party fails to sign the contract within the next three days, MoD will commence discussions with Damen, the runner-up contender.

German labour union IG Metall suggests that local industrial group #Thyssenkrupp should consider selling its #submarines business to sector players. Reportedly, Dutch shipbuilder #Damen and Swedish defence group #Saab AB may be interested.

June 25

The Belgium (Kortrijk) company #ScioTeq is selceted by #Airbus Defence and Space to deliver the computers and displays abaord the latest generation of A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transportplanes #MRTT.

Dutch: https://www.pilootenvliegtuig.nl/2023/06/24/belgisch-bedrijf-levert-nieuwe-displays-a330-mrtt/

Eng: https://www.aviationtoday.com/2023/06/23/airbus-selects-scioteq-advanced-avionics-displays-for-a330-mrtt/

A demand on the Elysée:
“Let us do our part by refusing to arm those who do not respect International Law and human rights,” because France has one of the most horrible arms export policies. https://globeecho.com/news/europe/france/let-us-do-our-part-by-refusing-to-arm-those-who-do-not-respect-international-law-and-human-rights/

The #Netherlands signed a contract with #Belgium for the production of FN MAG machine #guns for the #Ukrainian army. The number of FN #Herstal machine guns is not reported, but the contract value is € 111 million.

Nl info zie: https://www.defensie.nl/actueel/nieuws/2023/06/22/nederlands-belgische-samenwerking-bij-anti-submarine-warfare-fregatten
It leaves the question how they are marked and will be traced after arriving in Urkraine.

"The name of the game has changed from “free” trade to “weaponised” trade."

It is this receipt "after which ramping up arms production may be seen (as in the 1930s) as the only escape route." https://www.scmp.com/comment/opinion/article/3225005/trouble-de-risking-world-needs-make-trade-not-war

The world needs regulated trade, not war.

June 24

Why #Switzerland doesn’t export arms to #Ukraine. Guest blog by Andreas Weibel – GSoA, Group for Switzerland Without an Army for @CTWnl. Switzerland could and should have a much more immediate impact on issues like humanitarian aid, support for ...

On June 12 '23, the US DoD's Office of Inspector General released a report evaluating the quality of the accountability controls for US weapons sent to Ukraine through Poland. The findings suggest a lack of accountability even worse than skeptics imagined.

The EU on Tuesday revealed plans to prevent European companies from making sensitive technologies such as supercomputers, artificial intelligence and advanced microchips in countries like China.

The UK Divisional #Court has dismissed a second challenge by Campaign Against Arms Trade (#CAAT) to the Secretary of State’s decision to continue granting licences for the export of arms to the Kingdom of #Saudi Arabia for use in the conflict in #Yemen.

June 23

Human rights are easy to swap aside. #Saudi Scopa Industries and #Airbus signed (19/6/2023) an agreement to jointly produce civil & military helicopters in the Kingdom. Crown Prince #MbS congratulated the Chairman of Scopa Industries for this result.

#UAE MoD received field reports about the #Ukrainian counteroffensive and held several evaluation meetings with high-ranking #US and #Russian officers to evaluate the performance of the weapons used.

US places sanctions on Myanmar’s defence ministry, banks
Military has used foreign sources, including Russian entities under sanctions, to purchase and import arms, Washington says. https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2023/6/21/us-places-sanctions-on-myanmars-defence-ministry-banks

By CRS: #AUKUS Pillar 2: Background and Issues for US Congress June 20, 2023.

AUKUS may have a blowback: "i.e. provoking a destabilizing response from regional competitors such as China." https://s3.documentcloud.org/documents/23854931/aukus-pillar-2-background-and-issues-for-congress-june-20-2023.pdf

The #EU on Wednesday agreed to add €3.5bn to a fund used to pay for weapons for #Ukraine.
Overall, #Brussels says that some 15 billion euros have been provided by EU member states and the bloc's joint fund to arm Ukraine since #Russia's all-out invasion. https://www.spacewar.com/reports/EU_adds_35_billion_euros_to_Ukraine_weapons_fund_999.html

The UAE MoD is in talks with the Chinese MND for a transfer of technology (TOT) agreement to locally manufacture laser weapon systems (LWS).

The UAE is also looking to procure Chinese LWS.https://www.tacticalreport.com/daily/61968

Western defence companies are interested in making weapons in Ukraine - but not until after the war, according to half a dozen executives contacted by Reuters at the Paris Airshow.

#Russia uses #loopholes in export controls to buy tech from the West to fight its war against Ukraine, with much of the material passing through China, Newsweek stated. More than 60% of the critical #components in Russian weapons are coming from US corps.

Suspected Illicit #Swedish arms exports to Myanmar’s Military via #India sparks controversy. The Indian company, Sandeep Metalcraft Private seems to supply #Myanmar with FFV-447 projectile fuzes for use with the Swedish 84 mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifles.

US Senators @SenWarren and @ChuckGrassley introduced a bill Tuesday seeking to better bring to light the secretive process in which retired US service members work as consultants and contractors for foreign governments.


#Belgium joins European #FCAS warplane program as observer.

Peculiar this tiny country just bought its new fighter jets at the workshops of Uncle Sam.Industrial policy?

"Zelfs op het hoogtepunt van de Koude Oorlog is er niet zo veel geld naar wapens gegaan... over de wapenindustrie klinkt er geen kwaad woord. De gangsters van het kapitalisme zijn heilig verklaard..."

The #Pakistani government has requested a nearly 16% increase to its defense budget, despite a standoff with the #IMF over economic stagflation.

How does the Dutch government consider this stand-off. Karachi is a major client in #Gorinchem.

June 4

Majority of MPs votes against proposal that would have allowed other states to supply #Swiss-made war material to Ukraine. Opponents, incl. the Greens and conservatives from the SVP, feared a violation of neutrality and too close a rapprochement with NATO.

June 2

Premier Rutte roept op tot meer steun, meer Patriots en meer #F16-trainingen voor #Oekraïne. #Nederland gaat meer steun geven en wil dat ook andere landen dat doen. Die boodschap bracht premier Rutte donderdag op een top van Europese leiders in Moldavië.

June 1

1 Juni gaat 'n nieuwe wet in die overnames van Nederlandse bedrijven kan terugdraaien. Het kabinet gaat als eerste de acquisitie van de Delftse chipmaker #Nowi onderzoeken. Nowi werd in 2022 overgenomen door #Nexperia uit Nijmegen met 'n #Chinese eigenaar.

#Morocco has turned to #China to bolster its military capabilities. The Royal Moroccan Navy recently showcased its newly-acquired Chinese HJ-9A anti-tank #AT_missile system, the Red Arrow 9A.

Yeah again, higher costs! #F35’s Block 4 upgrade 55 percent over target costs, up $1.4B since last review.

#GAO report: F-35 JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER More Actions Needed to Explain Cost Growth and Support Engine Modernization Decision https://www.gao.gov/assets/gao-23-106047.pdf

For what it is worth (absolutely nothing).

As #EU member states consider boosting the military production capacity of the bloc, they must also decide how much power Brussels gets. There are worries the EC is granting itself far-reaching powers with few guarantees that information will be protected.

#Arms_deals also serve to bolster use of #yuan. A growing number of countries, particularly those in the Middle East, are diversifying their purchases of weapons, with many turning to #China and willing to settle payments in the Chinese currency.

Contracts to overhaul US #prepositoning stocks in #Kuwait are worth millions
https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract/Article/3082010/, but the work's poorly done. #Ukraine was provided with dangerous howitzers a Pentagon report stated (contractor not named). https://www.defensenews.com/land/2023/05/31/equipment-for-ukraine-drawn-from-kuwait-wasnt-combat-ready-ig-says/

Report https://media.defense.gov/2023/May/25/2003230073/-1/-1/1/DODIG-2023-076.PDF

Italy has lifted an embargo on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the government said in a statement yesterday. The decision comes after two years of partial or total restrictions on military equipment exports to the kingdom.

Protest of over a 100 people disrupts opening of North America’s largest arms fair CANSEC, in Ottawa, #Canada, where 10,000 attendees were expected to gather.

CANSEC barred independent media outlet The Breach from attending because of it’s “critical anti-war journalism.” “We don’t want people coming in…and writing a headline like, ‘Warmongers gather in Ottawa.,” the arms fair stated.

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My tweets for May 2023

 Latest on top (updated regularly):

May 31

Violent conflict in West Papua. 7 members of the Indonesian national army (TNI) have been shot dead by an attack by West Papuans.

"The TNI/POLRI terrorists used rockets/ballistics, the Nogolaid village was targeted, residents' houses were also destroyed," was said by Papuan. https://jubi.id/?s=OPM&post_type=post

#UAE, #Japan, and the transfer of military technologies agreement. Their is also a preliminary Emirati understanding with Japan to procure military transport aircraft. So far for the restraint Japanese arms export policy.

Tweet below makes (also Dutch (https://twitter.com/martinbroek/status/1661258088501108737/ https://twitter.com/martinbroek/status/1661260536468717568) and Moroccan ( https://twitter.com/martinbroek/status/1662391024121946112) )acquisition reported last week at Israeli Elbit less abstract. Number of rockets and missiles can be fired with this weapon system.

Retweet @nicholadrummond with comment: Euro-PULS on German Army IVECO truck. It can carry 36 x Elbit Accular rockets (35 km), or 12 x HIMARS M31 rockets (84km), or 8 x for Elbit Extra (150 km) or 4 x MBDA Joint Fire Support Missile (499 km), or 4 x Elbit Predator Hawk, or 4x Kongsberg NSM (185 km). A flexible and interoperable system.

Een pleidooi voor een moeilijke evenwichtsoefening, maar het is nodig dat de weereld het diplomatieke koord blijft/gaat bewandelen. Haar toekomst kan ervan afhangen. Steun Oekraïne maar gebruik dat niet als excuus voor de escalatie van spanningen elders.

May 30

Arms trafficking: tackling it would help reduce violence in Latin America (Main source: 200,000 guns are purchased in the #US each year and trafficked to #Mexico through "straw buyers"), by @csolmirano

Lula's government to stop selling #arms to Dina Boluarte's #Peru due to political instability. #Brazil .

Second Egyptian Navy MEKO A-200 EN frigate "AL-QAHHAR" https://navalnews.com/naval-news/2023/05/tkms-delivers-second-meko-a-200-en-frigate-to-egypt/… For the Dutch part in the deal see the Government letter on the export of naval technology to Egypt, vallued €69.000.000.

May 29

#Russia could fall from among the world’s top #arms_exporters, with its future market confined to selling relatively low-tech weapons to impoverished, sanctioned & pariah states via barter mechanisms while losing its market share of high-end weapons.

The #Romanian parliament has given the approval for the purchase of two new #submarines and two second-hand minehunters for the Romanian Navy as well as modernization of the service's corvettes, local media reported. #Naval_Group

Ukraine has asked Berlin to provide it with Taurus air-to-surface #missiles. The missiles, produced by a Germany-Swedish joint venture #Taurus_Systems, would allow #Ukraine to strike well inside #Russia with their range of more than 500km.

#Elsight, an #Israeli #drone connectivity solutions company, has won a tender to supply the Israeli #police and other government departments with solutions for Communication-on-the-Move to #border patrol, drone, K9 and SWAT units within the police force.

#Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani is said to believe the Rafale deal with #France is close. He discussed the #Rafale file with the Chief of Staff of the French Air&SpaceForce General Mille on the sidelines of the military exercise “Ababil 1”.

#Armenian FM spokeswoman, investigator of Azeri war crimes, journalists, academics & a UN worker -all had their phones infected with #Israeli #NSO's #Pegasus during fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh. #Azerbaijan used Israeli spyware against its own citizens.

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov is convinced that Ukraine will get back weapons from a number of companies that are being sued for not fulfilling their contracts.

May 28

Israeli President Herzog's visit to Azerbaijan comes amid Baku-Tehran tensions. Jeruzalem & Baku have strong arms and defence relations.

SIPRI found that 69% of #Azerbaijan’s arms in 2016-20 came from Israel, 17% of #Israel’s arms exports in that period. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-744415

In Baku, Azerbaijan’s president thanks Herzog for Israeli arms supply.

Israel’s head of state received by honour guard before meeting with Ilham Aliyev, as ties grow between Jerusalem and Iran’s neighbour. https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-baku-azerbaijans-president-thanks-herzog-for-israeli-arms-supply/

#Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition.

Motives in the tech competition between the #US and #China pose increasingly difficult policy issues for other economies. https://www.lowyinstitute.org/publications/chips-subsidies-security-great-power-competition With some attention for #ASML

More ##corruption? Hensoldt is a star on the stock exchange & a beacon of hope for Olaf Scholz's "turning point". Now internal documents point to commissions 4 foreign transactions. Did the company pay a bribe to a general's family in a deal in #Qatar?
In another project, the equipment of the air force (Milds Block 2 systems), #Hensoldt delivered to Uganda without a doubt with the involvement of dubious intermediaries and despite an urgent warning from the compliance department. Hensoldt was not the direct contractual partner of the end customer, but in this case was supposed to deliver to the Israeli armaments company Bird Aerosystems. Bird worked locally with a dubious partner: Boaz Badichi, one of Africa's best-connected arms dealers, according to the Israeli press.

The murky business.

Why is this repeated over and over again? "The armaments industry is a special branch that is subject to significantly stricter rules and controls than the rest of the economy." Control is for political reasons not necessarily more strict as you can easily observe.

But the article is on the hypocritical position of Rheinmetaal. The company won an order back in 2011 to build
a training and education center in Mulino, a small town 350 kilometers east of Moscow. Rheinmetall announced the "world's most modern training base" in Mulino, where 30,000 soldiers would practice urban warfare every year. Order volume: 100 million euros. https://www.ksta.de/politik/nrw-politik/ruestungskonzern-scheinheilig-wie-sich-rheinmetall-derzeit-gibt-579816

Persbericht FNV: Dinsdag en woensdag weer 48-uursstaking bij Fokker ELMO
Fokker Elmo werknemers blijven een gelijkluidende regeling eisen.
Zie voor meer over ELMO @CTWnl: https://stopwapenhandel.org/?s=ELMO

#Strike at civil/military company #Fokker_Elmo.

Het conflict tussen personeel van en de directie van moederbedrijf #GKN_Aerospace over een 'meeverhuispremie' duurt voort. Medewerkers leggen dinsdag de fabriek weer voor 48 uur plat. https://www.ad.nl/bergen-op-zoom/conflict-om-verhuisbonus-fokker-elmo-verhardt-we-gaan-weer-48-uur-staken-in-hoogerheide~a518a3e5/

Staken kan lonen! Medewerkers van #Fokker Elmo in Hoogerheide krijgen alsnog extra geld om met hun baan mee te verhuizen naar Papendrecht. Afgelopen maanden werd er een paar keer gestaakt, omdat het personeel zich oneerlijk behandeld voelde.  https://www.omroepbrabant.nl/nieuws/4340056/stakingen-bij-fokker-elmo-voorbij-personeel-krijgt-zijn-zin-en-extra-geld

Lead prosecutor Downer says #Zuma is ‘playing for time’. He & #Thales are facing charges of #racketeering, #corruption, money laundering and #fraud charges.

The European military and security firm will not be unhappy with these abhorrent tactics.

Thales 70-millimeter laser-guided rockets (#Belgium developed FZ275 LGRs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FZ275_LGR) have been deployed from a #Greek SARISA #drone https://www.sas-tech.gr/sarisa/ during a live-fire demonstration under the Hellenic Ministry of Defence.

May 27

Supplying arms to #Myanmar is in violation of #India’s international law obligations.

Website FAR-MAroc has published images of #Elbit System’s #PULS artillery rocket systems, purchased by #Morocco.

Apparently, the Moroccan Army selected #Tatra Trucks, a #Czech vehicle manufacturer, to carry the rocket launchers – reach 300 km.

The Royal #Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) is considering cooperating with Italy’s #Fincantieri to build an advanced destroyer. Riyadh is said to have received proposals from multiple Western companies.

#Denmark & the #Netherlands will lead a group effort to train Ukrainian pilots on Lockheed #F16s following a green light from the US. In addition to leadership from the Dutch and the Danish, #Belgium, Norway, Portugal and Poland have offered to contribute.

Critical comments on book describing military relations between #Israel &#India. "Israeli arms companies have complained about the Indian requirement that arms deals take the form of technology transfer, with production lines established in India. They bemoan that Indian forces routinely reject training by Israeli “security experts,” which is crucial to the business model of many of Israel’s arms companies."

The writer "makes an offhand mention of corruption scandals tied to India’s arms deals with Israel, but does not cover the scandals themselves. We hear nothing about the type and extent of #bribes paid and how India once blacklisted the state-owned Israel Military Industries #IMI, which was later purchased by #Elbit Systems, for bribing an Indian business executive." https://electronicintifada.net/content/hostile-ideologies-hindutva-and-zionism-march-hand-hand/37851

Experts waarschuwen voor de risico’s van wapenleveranties aan Oekraïne. Die gaan na de oorlog geheid zwerven. Maar daarover gaat het in het publieke debat zelden. „Wie kritiek heeft, wordt meteen in het pro-Russische kamp geplaatst.”

Staff at a Scotish munitions depot are voting on strike action in a row over bonuses. Workers at the Ministry of Defence’s 180-acre site in Beith, North Ayrshire, which is managed by Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), accused management of disrespect.

May 25, #Japan’s foreign ministry announced that the country has entered into a deal with the #UAE regarding the transfer of military equipment and technology. This agreement is expected to foster cooperation in joint research, development, and production.

May 26

#Sanctions enforcement around the world, the #Dutch perspective. "The lists of items that are subject to product controls have also been significantly expanded ... we therefore recommend that companies keep track of current restrictions."

The #Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office announced (220523) that it has charged four ex-managing directors at Munich-based technology company #FinFisher for allegedly selling restricted software to a #Turkish government agency without an export #licence.

A brief historical overview of the Rise of South #Korean arms exports and defence industry expansion since the late sixties untill now.

Allegations of flouting international #arms #control rules, let alone being party to the #Russia-Ukraine conflict, place the #South_African defence industry in a precarious position globally. It is vulnerable to the loss of preferential trade relations.

How Can #Ukraine Use the #F16 ? Retired USAF Generals Explain. “It can ... strike the adversary in depth, not merely where the land forces engage along a front ... That’s why airpower was invented, to rise above the trenches and slog of land warfare.”

May 25

At the cost of?

“Making these decisions can actually affect the #safety_of_people ... there may be occasions where we want to take greater #risk and therefore accelerate integration," said John Cunningham, Head of #WECA at the UK MoD." https://breakingdefense.com/2023/05/after-watching-ukraine-uk-looking-at-more-risk-taking-in-weapons-development-integration/

Wie onderhoudt dat #Fokker vliegtuig eigenlijk? Aviation data also establishes a #Myanmar Air Force Fokker-70 Aircraft landed on Coco island on April 9. Local reports suggest it was carrying General Min Aung Hlaing, the leader of the 2021 military #coup.

Sadder maar blijkbaar na 17 jaar nog steeds niet wiser, burgemoeder opent zo dadelijk attractie. Hier een link naar een artikel geschreven uit de verbazing over de linkse afslag bij onze Oosterburen naar ... ja, naar wat eigenlijk? https://jacobin.com/2023/05/german-leftists-arms-supplies-ukraine-greens-military-support

#EDA Chief Executive visits #Latvia to discuss EU initiatives in support to #Ukraine, as well as planned measures to strengthen the European defense industry and Latvia ’ s participation in European Defence Agency ’ s activities and projects.

Zieke geesten voeren propagandaslag op Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

"Ja, de Russische invasie van Oekraïne is een illegale aanval op een soeverein land en moet in de krachtigste bewoordingen worden afgekeurd." Maar helpen we de Oekraïeners zo?


Israeli #Maris_Tech a provider of edge #AI accelerated video solutions for edge platforms, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with #IMCA_Elektronik in #Turkey, a major distributor of products for defence and other applications in Turkey.

The Swiss government on Wednesday backed the decommissioning of 25 advanced Leopard 2 battle tanks with a view to selling them back to Germany, a step that could allow Western countries to send more military aid to Ukraine.

Senior officials leading Europe’s rival 6th generation fighter jet programs Tempest and FCAS have said that they are involved in tech sharing and weapons collaborations with one another. "To reach this #dream we need everything on the table from industry.”

As spending rises and vetting decreases, the prospects for fraud, waste and abuse will grow. And the arms industry and its allies in Congress and the Pentagon are intent on making any changes made to deal with the Ukraine emergency permanent, which could supersize the weapons industry while reducing oversight and accountability — a recipe for relentless, unnecessary price increases that could continue well beyond the end of the Ukraine war..." by @WilliamHartung

"... for the past nine years, the government has started to change this stance, allocating funding for military research, limiting export of sensitive technologies and trying to amend the pacifist section of Japan’s constitution."

The #Netherlands is working on a plan to start #training #Ukrainian pilots for the #F16 as soon as possible. This is done together with a number of partner countries. Minister Kajsa Ollongren reported this to the House of Representatives yesterday.

Ukrainian pilots could begin training to fly US-made F-16 fighter jets “within weeks or months,” Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ryder said, a new step in heavely arming the country as it fights to retake Russian-occupied territory in the east.

#Japan army to provide Ukraine with 100 transport vehicles.
The #LDP is striving to ease weapon export rules, with #Ukraine in mind, but faces pushback from its junior coalition partner.https://thediplomat.com/2023/05/japan-ground-self-defense-force-to-provide-ukraine-with-100-transport-vehicles/
Barriers to lethal arms trade by Tokyo however erode.

German, even radical, left-wingers who long distrusted state power are today calling 4 more tanks & jets for #Ukraine. Lacking alternative solutions to the conflict, parts of the Left increasingly fall in behind the government’s call to rearm. @IngarSolty

#China said to be negotiating arms deals with #Saudi Arabia & #Egypt. They seek to diversify weapons supply amid Ukraine war and tensions with Washington. Riyadh eyes air defence systems and drones while Cairo plans to buy J-10C fighter jets.

#Navantia’s fourth of five Avante 2200 corvettes will be delivered to the #Saudi Royal Navy next week, as the Spanish shipbuilder expects to receive a proposal from the Kingdom by 2024 to build five new multi-mission combat ships.

May 24

Can come in handy. A German database on arms exports. You can search on period, category, company, and country. Here the search results for the Netherlands 1990-2023.

New EU defence designs aim to prep members for high-intensity conflict. The European Union announced 11 new collaborative defense programs to add to its roster of PESCO projects on Tuesday and said Denmark was signing up as the program’s 26th member.

On the #F16 green light. “However this war ends, and whenever it ends, #Ukraine is going to have one of the largest militaries on the continent, and they’re going to have a long border with Russia going forward,” US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said.

#Elbit has received a $305m deal to supply #PULS artillery rocket systems to the Royal #Netherlands Army. The award is part of an agreement supporting the ongoing military cooperation between the #Israeli and Dutch defense ministries.

"In een bijna onwaarschijnlijk hoog tempo" is de aanschaf van PULS afgrond. De Tweede Kamer ging akkoord met de aanschaf en op 17 mei is een overeenkomst met de #Israelische overheid getekend voor de levering van dit PULS #MLRS systeem van #Elbit.

CEO of Saudi #SAMI W. Abukhaled met with the CEO of #Thales P. Caine last February 2023 to discuss reviving the joint venture #JV between the two companies it concerns the transfer of techn and production agreements for the Ground Master 60 radar system.

Essential military tech: #Qatar is in talks with the Scientific and Technological research council of #Turkey (TUBITAK) to establish a #military_grade #chip production facility in Gebze, Turkiye. Qatar’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is involved.

#Egypt, #China, on the J-10C #fighter. Egypt is in talks with China for the acquisition of the Chengdu J-10C multirole fighter in favor of the Egyptian Air Force (EAF). Talks are said to have started in late 2022.

May 23

Retweet with comment: Ko Colijn: De oorlog in en tegen Oekraïne mag nu juist niet een soort alibi zijn voor onbeperkte handelingsvrijheid en uitgavendrift. Het Russische leger valt...door de mand...Waarom dan extra tanks voor Nederland? Even goed nadenken, experts, druistige Kamerleden, WNL-experts.

@b_v_apeldoorn: Goed stuk van Koen Colijn over dat er ook grenzen moeten zijn aan telkens hogere defensie-uitgaven en over hoe kritiekloos veel Nederlandse media meegaan in het frame van generaals en aanverwante deskundigen dat steeds meer wapentuig nodig is https://nrc.nl/nieuws/2023/05/21/laat-defensie-zijn-uitgavendrift-in-toom-houden-a4165167

South African Biro patrol vessels 2 & 3 are under construction at Damen Cape Town #DSCT, are 90% and 57% complete with a revised delivery date of February 2026 – force majeure was named the obstructing factor. Project Biro will cost R3.8bn (€183m).

#Nigeria delisted from overview of countries prone to naval piracy. Article applauds the development of Nigerian navy, included the acquisitions of #Damen landing ship and #Chinese fast parol boats.

#Militarisation of #EU must be stopped in its tracks. In the light of the #Irish constitutional principle of the pacific settlement of international disputes by international arbitration, the Minister of FA should now clearly and unequivocally call 4 this. https://www.independent.ie/opinion/letters/letters-gaa-has-other-options-apart-from-penalties-when-it-comes-to-shootouts/a493367604.html

Un rapport international démontre, chiffres à l’appui, que depuis le début du conflit, les pays les plus riches n’ont cessé d’augmenter leurs investissements militaires au détriment de leur implication dans l’environnement. Rapport par @TNI @Grip @CTWnl

Comment on: Wie zijn de bevrijders van Russisch grensgebied? Bellingcat plaatst kanttekeningen….. vraagt @harmbotje.

The bearded guy is Alexey Levkin. We (@bellingcat) have written lot about him -- he's a neo-Nazi who left Russia years ago. His organization, Wotanjugend, once called Timothy McVeigh and Brevik "heroes". https://bellingcat.com/news/uk-and-europe/2019/09/04/the-hardcore-russian-neo-nazi-group-that-calls-ukraine-home https://bellingcat.com/news/2020/01/02/dispatches-from-asgardsrei-ukraines-annual-neo-nazi-music-festival/

En dan krijgen ze wapens uit het Westen zodat ze hun racistische politiek kunnen versterken. Lees en huiver over woorden & daden van de hier beschreven Sergei Korotkikh, Oekraïns officier. Ik sluit me aan bij de woorden van Linda Åkerström in het artikel.

MADE IN ITALY TO SUPPRESS IN #EGYPT: The Role of Italian Small Arms and Light Weapons in Fueling Human Rights Violations. [In English, Italian and Arabic version asap.]

May 22

#Israeli #Shladot's “David” armored vehicle used by the Greek police along the Evros River.

We have to guess what kind of operations they were used for. https://citiesofrefuge.eu/news/what-really-happening-land-border-between-greece-and-turkey

Officials from the Saudi Arabian Military Industries #SAMI are said to be in talks with #China’s #Norinco for a package deal. The deal includes the procurement of reconnaissance #drones, air defence systems, and #killer_drones.

Indian authorities have arrested Vivek Raghuvanshi, a defense journalist and longtime correspondent for Defense News, and accused him of espionage, according to reports in the Indian press.

#Rheinmetall signs deal with Ukroboronprom to build tanks in #Ukraine. "Rheinmetall has created a joint venture with Ukrainian state company #Ukroboronprom. Tank cooperation is just the first step," according to the German journal Handelsblatt on Friday.

#China calls on #Netherlands to ‘adhere to strategic autonomy’, as #US restrictions weigh on trade. #ASML

The Netherlands has restricted exports to China of its advanced chip equipment and that is unlikely to change soon, observers say. Beijing is trying to win over European partners as US policy becomes more hostile: analyst. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3221322/dutch-foreign-minister-heads-china-little-prospect-chip-ban-breakthrough

Tech firm #KMWE Eindhoven, supplier of Philips, #ASML and others recently opened a local fscility in #China. Herewith KMWE can continue to supply Chines semiconductor producers without being harmed by #US #sanction policy. https://fd.nl/bedrijfsleven/1476604/eindhovense-leverancier-van-philips-en-asml-opent-vestiging-in-china

Foreign Minister Qin Gang urged his visiting Dutch counterpart to ensure ‘fairer’ access to semiconductor technology.

Beijing is concerned about looming Dutch export controls that would throttle supplies of advanced chip-making equipment. #ASML #China


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen last Thursday called on superpowers to #reduce their massive military #budgets and channel the money saved into life-saving projects such as the production of more medicines and medical equipment.

The owner of Aratos Group (a #Dutch/#Greek military technology company) was arrested in Paris on suspicion of #spying for the Russians, the US DoJ announced (https://www.justice.gov/file/1583801/download). The man allegedly passed on sensitive US technology to #Russia.

Buying from Apartheid's workshop. #Israeli #Elbit is ramping up its production of rocket and drone launchers in Europe, as the #Netherlands is buying the company’s PULS system which #Spain also appears to be favoring for its new rocket artillery program.

German #Rheinmetall and Israeli #Elbit Systems have successfully conducted a live fire demonstration of an automated 155mm L52 howitzer. The demonstration of the new system took place in early March 2023 at the Shivta firing range in southern #Israel.

#China’s Big Tech bosses are displaying conflicting views towards artificial intelligence #AI, as some eagerly embrace the advancing technology while others warn against hasty adoption amid the frenzy around #ChatGPT.

Just €3bn.

#Pentagon said an accounting #error led it to overestimate the value of arms shipments sent to Ukraine as part of a $44bn military aid package approved blast year. By correcting the error, it could send another $3bn worth of arms to #Ukraine. https://www.democracynow.org/2023/5/19/headlines/pentagon_says_accounting_error_will_allow_us_to_send_3_billion_in_additional_arms_to_ukraine

A plea for control on weapons shipped to Ukraine. "Measures to address the risk of diversion to unauthorized end users and for unauthorized uses are essential to prevent further instability and insecurity in Ukraine, the region and beyond." https://reliefweb.int/report/ukraine/statement-security-council-threats-international-peace-and-security-statement-mr-adedeji-ebo-director-and-deputy-high-representative-disarmament-affairsofficer-charge-18-may-2023 There are however numerous difficulties with this type of control (during war) see e.g. UNIDIR report. https://unidir.org/sites/default/files/publication/pdfs//the-international-tracing-instrument-examining-options-to-support-operationalization-en-712.pdf'

How serious is the control in Ky'iv? How tight are conditionalities to keep track of the colossal weapon deliveries (in €, $ and £).

A plea for control on weapons shipped to Ukraine. "Measures to address the risk of diversion to unauthorized end users and for unauthorized uses are essential to prevent further instability and insecurity in Ukraine, the region and beyond."


The so-called biggest democracy of the world, #India, has supplied arms, dual-use items & raw materials worth ₹422 crore (€ 47m) to the junta in #Myanmar, this according to UN report: The Billion Dollar Death Trade. https://currentaffairs.adda247.com/india-supplied-arms-worth-%E2%82%B9422-crore-to-myanmar-junta-un-report-reveals/

Report https://www.ohchr.org/sites/default/files/documents/countries/myanmar/crp-sr-myanmar-2023-05-17.pdf

Report identifies Singapore as a key conduit for the transit of spare parts, raw materials, and manufacturing equipment. In addition to Singapore, Russia and China emerged as the chief suppliers of advanced weapon systems to Myanmar’s military. https://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2023/05/19/singapore-denies-involvement-in-arms-trade-to-myanmar/

US president Biden and the Pope are divided on 3 of the most pressing geopolitical and diplomatic issues of the day.

a) China policy (brinkmanship and human rights),
b) negotiated settlement for Ukraine, and
c) cooperation with Syria.

#UK arms sales doubled last yea. #Saudi Arabia, traditionally the UK’s most significant customer, bought £1.1bn of UK arms, including £964m of missiles and related components, arms of the type used previously to conduct bombing missions in #Yemen. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/may/21/uk-arms-sales-reach-record-85bn-as-global-tensions-escalate

Shell companies are used to evade the boykot against the #Myanmar regime. Continued profits from international business ties and circumvention of existing sanctions by the junta and its cronies have prompted doubts if foreign actions are sufficent so far.


May 17

And the winner is:

The Australian government has announced a $160 million contract for military manufacturer #Thales #Australia to build another order of Bushmaster vehicles for the Australian Army after donating 90 to Ukraine in war against Russia. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-05-17/bushmaster-defence-thales-australian-army-bendigo-hawkei-ukraine/102355532

A plea for the #remilitarisation of Europe under #German leadership. "For starters, Germany and Europe must establish an EU-level military research and development agency modeled on the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). https://menafn.com/1106248804/Germanys-Emerging-War-Economy

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol vowed to expand the country’s non-lethal aid to Kyiv when he met with Ukraine’s first lady Tuesday in Seoul. https://thediplomat.com/2023/05/south-koreas-president-vows-to-expand-non-lethal-aid-to-ukraine/

Senator Warren (D-Mass) warns against Pentagon-defense industry revolving door.

The next Joint Chiefs chair can set an example by promising not to jump to a lucrative job working on behalf of a defense contractor or foreign adversary, she said.


May 16

The feminist policy of German FA Minister Baerbock: value-based foreign policy meets reality even in Saudi Arabia. Arms exports were also part of the policy of the current traffic light Government.

#UAE has terminated a nearly €800m contract to procure 12 H225 Caracal multirole #helicopters from French #Airbus, a government official exclusively told. Reasons: high lifecycle cost, limited modular designs & the complex technical proposal.


Who's next.

On the 'stringent' South African arms export policy.

To evade German arms embargoes RDM’s German parent company, Rheinmetall, deliberately locates much of its production in countries where the rule of law is weak, such as SA. https://www.businesslive.co.za/bd/opinion/letters/2023-05-15-letter-time-to-challenge-dircos-claim-on-arms-sales/

#Russia’s top army general and his #South_African counterpart discussed “military cooperation” while meeting Monday in Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry said. Lt. General Mbatha will visit Russian arms production sites during his trip. https://apnews.com/article/russia-south-africa-military-army-ukraine-8e94c3f541072f8ee742e6ef1909180a

Crossing the border in flirtation with Putin; According to the U.S., South Africa supplies weapons to Russia. If that is true, Pretoria is in line with countries like Iran and Belarus. Africans have much to lose, Die Welt. https://www.welt.de/politik/ausland/article245313764/Waffen-an-Russland-Suedafrikas-Schritt-zu-weit-beim-Flirt-mit-Putin.html

#Damen Services has opened a service hub in #Vietnam at Damen Song Cam shipyard. It will assist with optimising onboard systems on all vessels delivered by Damen Song Cam Shipyard.
https://www.seatrade-maritime.com/shipyards/damen-opens-new-service-hub-vietnam A number of #naval vessels for int. customers has been built at Song Cam.

May 15

China to send Russia hand Li Hui to Kyiv and Moscow on peace mission

Li will also visit Poland, France and Germany in the search for a political solution to the conflict He will be the highest-ranking Chinese official to go to #Ukraine since the invasion https://www.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy/article/3220341/china-send-senior-envoy-ukraine-and-russia-quest-peace-talks

De Chinese #diplomaat, Li Hui, de speciale gezant voor Euraziatische aangelegenheden, is op pad gestuurd om te praten over een ‘politieke oplossing’ voor de oorlog in #Oekraïne. Hij gaat ook langs in Rusland en daarna in Polen, Frankrijk en Duitsland. https://www.volkskrant.nl/nieuws-achtergrond/live-wetswijziging-rusland-maakt-gedwongen-verplaatsing-en-verkiezingen-in-bezette-gebieden-mogelijk~ba2e91a1/

Continued concern about human rights in India in latest official US report https://state.gov/senior-state-department-official-on-the-2022-report-on-international-religious-freedom/… See our resource page for more on US-India arms sales (#India again world's largest arms importer according to
@SIPRIorg) https://forumarmstrade.org/usindia.html

broekstukken: Chinese actieve defensie politiek

Dutch dual use exports
Dec 2022 - Feb 2023 > 1 billion:
22/02/23 Lithography machines, Taiwan € 8 bn
22/02/23 Lithography machines, diverse countries € 8 bn
16/12/22 Uraniumhexafluoride #UF6 (U235 < 5,0%) Diverse countries € 1.1 billion.

The European Defence Agency (the bridge beween military and civil policies), has published its Annual Report for 2022. It includes, amongst more, its activities in military research. #EDA managed 97 projects and programmes valued € 672 million.

EP Q&A: Member States’ non-compliance with the EU arms embargo against #China. Question by @hildevautmans (
https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/E-9-2023-001066_EN.html), based on article in Belgian Standard: https://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20230316_98260382

Answer by @JosepBorrellF (https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/E-9-2023-001066-ASW_EN.html).

Made possible by Dutch arms export control. Aviation records show that a #Fokker-70 from the #Myanmar Air Force landed on the Coco island, April 9. It was reportedly carrying General Min Aung Hlaing, the man in charge of the #military_takeover in 2021,

De rol van het Vliegbasis #Woensdrecht binnen het internationale F-35 programma wordt steeds groter. Nederland en de Verenigde Staten sloten gisteren een zogeheten Status of Forces Agreement #SOFA af.

India's arms exports in 2014 were Rs 900 crore (€100m) , now they are over Rs 16,000 (€1.78bn) crore: Indian Minister of Defence Rajnath Singh said.

US Congress members are aiming to ease the export of sensitive US defence technologies to #Australia and the UK, speeding the flow of information on weapons ranging from nuclear powered submarines to hypersonic weapons, quantum computing & AI. #AUKUS

Texas Republican Texas McCaul is drafting a bipartisan bill that would ramp up tech transfers to allies. He recently met officials from Australia & the UK, and talked with Anduril Industries (
https://www.anduril.com/), Hadrian (https://www.hadrian.co/) & BAE Sys at a roundtable.

Anduril has Australian Defence contracts to rapidly develop an Extra Large Autonomous Undersea Vehicle ((XL-AUV, pictured), while BAE Systems constructs the UK’s nuclear submarine fleet, and constructs and maintains naval vessels in Australia.

May 13

Also a way to describe the negative impacts of #US military support and and arms sales to #Saudi's during war with #Yemen. It has placed a significant financial burden on the Saudi treasury and hindered development and investment projects in the country.

Journaliste @stepvaessen wierp de vraag op of Europese media niet zelf hun #persvrijheid hadden ondermijnd door mee te gaan in het westerse narratief. Ze hekelde de kritiek op journalisten wanneer ze vragen stellen waar het ‘nu niet het moment voor is’.

In de reeks ‘Werk in Uitvoering’ publiceert SOC21 het boek 'De gelaagde oorlog in Oekraine en de botsing van grootmachten' van Guido van Leemput. https://soc21.nl/alle-publicaties/de-gelaagde-oorlog-in-oekraine-en-de-botsing-van-grootmachten-guido-van-leemput/

Downloaden kan hier: https://soc21.nl/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/De-gelaagde-oorlog-web.pdf
Bestellen kan ook zie op bovenstaande site voor details.


European #MBDA won a $19.6m modification for the production of the Common Anti-Air Module Missile #CAMM for the Multi-Mission Surface Combatants #MMSC ships for #Saudi's. The MMSC is a derivative of the US Navy’s Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship. https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract/Article/3390075/

UAE's EDGE Group is looking for cooperation with Shield AI and Dedrone to acquire drone and anti-drone technologies. This comes after EDGE officially approached the two companies for their services in the second half of 2022.

Who cares?


Despite the White House’s rhetoric about supporting global democracy, the U.S. sold weapons in 2022 to 57 percent of the world’s authoritarian regimes.


#EU has not recorded any significant arms #smuggling into Europe from Ukraine, according to Ylva Johanssonová (EC top representative for EU Internal Affairs). She said that only a few individual cases of #small_arms exports from #Ukraine had been recorded.

The Commission of the Council of Cantons of the upper house of the #Swiss Parliament, has recommended easing export controls on Swiss military equipment, which could potentially benefit #Ukraine in the future. https://news.yahoo.com/swiss-parliament-passes-decision-export-050752690.html

Source Blick: https://www.blick.ch/politik/kriegsmaterial-kompromiss-moeglich-wiederausfuhr-von-waffen-soll-unter-bedingungen-moeglich-sein-id18567858.html

Products amounting to more than $1 billion sent from the EU to Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan in 2022 have gone “missing” in transit through the Russian territory, The Financial Times (https://www.ft.com/content/76fc91b2-3494-4022-83d0-9d6647b38e3d) reports, citing open sources.

US form #AeroVironment has been producing loitering munitions and other drones for the US military for more than a decade, but the war in Ukraine has become an “inflection point”. War in Ukraine increased popularitity of #killer_drones in perception.

#SOCOM acquisition chief Jim Smith: #AI will be ‘key to every single thing’. But his enthusiasm for AI was slightly tempered later, when he said he was "absolutely" concerned about AI-generated #mistakes, though he said there are ways to manage that.

#Greek state company Hellenic Defense Systems is gearing up for the local production of long-range loitering munitions (or #kamikaze_drone) with South Africa’s #Paramount Group to strengthen the country’s indigenous manufacturing capabilities.

Experts doubt whether S-Africa would supply to Russia as S-Africa "manufactures NATO calibre ammunition and does not supply Russia". Defence Minister "Modise in December said the vessel unloaded ammunition for the SA Special Forces".

En in het Nederlands: Zuid-Afrika ontkent wapenleveranties aan Poetin.

May 11

Mijn laatste blog voor @CTWnl : Europe strengthens Israeli military industries https://broekstukken.blogspot.com/2023/05/europe-strengthens-israeli-military.html

Met een Nederlandstalige bijlage: Israëlische wapenexport, import en militaire samenwerking met Nederland 2020-2022 https://broekstukken.blogspot.com/2023/05/israelische-wapenexport-import-en.html

NATO eyes new defence industry investment pledge to boost arms production – @EURACTIV https://www.euractiv.com/section/defence-and-security/news/nato-eyes-new-defence-industry-investment-pledge-to-boost-arms-production/

May 10

A dirty balance.
The Biden Admin’s approach to #Egypt has been to balance longstanding US-Egyptian defence ties and #US appreciation for Egypt’s continued cooperative relationship with Israel against the Sisi government’s problematic #HumanRights record. https://sgp.fas.org/crs/mideast/RL33003.pdf

When the (non-elected) EU leadership gives the wrong example, citizens themselves have to demand for a policy following ethical guidelines, for military exports as well as for imports. This should also be applied to #Israel. Supporting #Apartheid is wrong.

#Elbit sees ‘accelerated’ interest in ground based weapons as result of Ukraine war

"I can say without any doubt that artillery, specifically rockets, has gained its status as the queen of combat " Yehuda Vered, CEO of Elbit's land division told. https://breakingdefense.com/2023/05/elbit-sees-accelerated-interest-in-ground-based-weapons-as-result-of-ukraine-war/

Tech-focused defence companies gain attention due to Ukraine conflict

#Milrem_Robotics, a start-up that makes autonomous vehicles for battlefield use, has gained prominence in the arms trade following the conflict in Ukraine. https://www.bollyinside.com/news/technology/tech-focused-defence-companies-gain-attention-due-to-ukraine-conflict/

#Egypt is in talks with #Naval_Group regarding a Barracuda-class attack #submarine deal. Further direct talks are expected between #French President Emmanuel Macron and his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. Paris has concerns regarding the deal.

Officials from the #Saudi Power for Defense Technologies Company #PDTC are currently in talks with representatives from #Rolls_Royce to explore potential cooperation in the development of next-generation aerial propulsion systems. [BEHIND PAY WALL]

The purchase of four Mi-24 Helicopter Gunships by Uganda would provide effective aerial firepower against the rebels. However, the procurement created opportunities for military corruption and led to a huge political scandal throughout Uganda.

Time to rein in the #revolving_door, which is a primary expression of the potentially corrupting influence of the military-industrial complex. It could make it easier to craft policies based on what’s best 4 the country, not what’s best 4 arms mega-firms.

What is good for #Finland is good for #Lockheed.

#US-Finnish defense pact could bolster Nordic F-35 footprint. #F35 https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2023/05/08/us-finnish-defense-pact-could-bolster-nordic-f-35-footprint/

The practical application and future of #AUKUS by the combined governments of #Australia, the US and the UK highlights the issues the Australian Defence industry may face with US export controls, such as #ITAR, as AUKUS continues. Insight here:

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the U.S. government has made it increasingly clear that enforcement of export control and economic sanctions laws is a top priority. From launching task forces to target illicit actors, to engaging in closer cooperation with authorities in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the European Union on global investigations and enforcement efforts, the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are aggressively enforcing these laws and regulations.

"If the threat is not addressed proactively and imaginatively, when the current war ends, Ukraine’s battlefields could and will become the new arsenal of anarchy, arming everyone from insurgents in Africa to gangsters in the streets of Europe."

May 8

Summary of the main provisions of the #EC proposal to ramp-up #ammunition production to one million rounds per year.

@_ENAAT : News from the Brussels' Bubble

* EU funding for the arms industry
* Other aspects of EU militarisation
* EU Peace Facility & related news
* interesting links
You will find it here: https://enaat.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/ENAAT-NBB-2023-03_05.05.23.pdf

Over POMS (Prepositioned Organizational Materiel Storage), de oorlog in Oekraïne, twee soorten imperialisme en het kankerverwekkende chroom-6. Wat gebeurt er in Vriezenveen?

Targetted killings?

#Israeli forces reportedly deployed explosive-laden #drones during a #counter_terrorism operation on the West Bank on Thursday. Team of Israeli military, police & the Shin Bet sent a combat drone inside a house. https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-742041

UN investigators of the Panel of Experts on #Somalia have concluded that #Turkey violated international sanctions on Somalia by supplying #Bayraktar armed drones without notification to and approval of the UN.


UN document: https://documents-dds-ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/GEN/N22/638/44/PDF/N2263844.pdf?OpenElement

Reads almost a advertorial: Türkiye’s engagement in Somalia demonstrates its aspiration to establish a prominent role in regional and global politics...Türkiye’s comprehensive policy in Somalia showcases its commitment to fostering long-term relationships. Cape Argus May 8, 2023.

#Turkey's is present role in #Africa includes diplomacy, military training and exercises, & peacekeeping operations. Many African states are eager to benefit from Turkey's experience in counter-insurgency (fighting Kurds & in Syria) and military industry. Daily News (SAf) 8/5/23

Thales SA faces a bribery probe by French prosecutors into a $2.5 billion contract it won to modernize the Indian Air Force’s fleet of Dassault Mirage 2000 planes. A preliminary investigation has been opened into allegations by Sanjay Bhandari, who said in a court case
that he served as a middleman to help Thales win the contract, according to a person familiar with the probe. The case focuses on whether payments to Bhandari were hidden bribes, the person said, who asked not to be identified discussing confidential matters.

Voor Nederlandstalig (Thales is met Damen de grootste militaire onderneming van in Nederland) bericht zie:

'Frans defensiebedrijf Thales onderzocht voor steekpenningen'
07 Mei 2023 https://fd.nl/bedrijfsleven/2000595/1475268/frans-defensiebedrijf-thales-onderzocht-voor-steekpenningen

May 7


Oerlikon's anti-aircraft guns may already be active against Russian planes and drones.

Air defence systems made in Italy, but produced by a Swiss-based company, are active in Ukraine, according to the SonntagsZeitung newspaper. https://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/italy-produced--swiss--weapons--active-in-ukraine-/48493326

May 6

The German Min of Economics ends in 2024 its presence at the largest arms fair in the USA, the “Shot Show”. However, the step does not change the fact that European gun manufacturers – including German– benefit from widespread gun ownership in the US.

@MSchroeder77One of the more insidious side effects of war is the infusion of weapons of war into local criminality, which lasts for years or decades after the fighting stops. In Ukraine, criminal use of grenades has been a constant problem since 2014 and is not likely to stop anytime soon.
Here's a recent example. A 54-year-old man used an RGD-5 grenade to rob a pharmacy in Mykolaiv. Its not the first such case and it wont be the last.

Israel Aerospace Industries has developed a new unmanned submarine, the BlueWhale, designed for covert intelligence-gathering operations, the company said May 4. can operate for two to four weeks, depending on the mission.

Tot voor kort hadden we een vrij klassiek beeld van de wapenhandel: dat ging om geweren, bommen, explosieven. Maar 't beeld van wat een gevaarlijk wapen is, moet worden bijgesteld, stellen schrijvers van een boek over een Chinese wapenhandelaar in NRC. https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2023/05/05/op-zoek-naar-de-schimmigste-wapenhandelaar-ter-wereld-a4163898

Het artikel eindigt met de vraag: Waarom wil de Israëlische overheid niet met ons over China praten om het eerlijke beeld over het wapenprogramma van Iran te schetsen?”

In the Weapon Wizards meer over (222-31, 236-7) de Chinees-Israëlische industriële relaties.

On taking office, German PM Scholz promised an overhaul of German arms export policies, but so far the only visible sign is a slowing of sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. https://www.defense-aerospace.com/germany-remains-reluctant-to-sell-weapons-to-gulf-states-authoritarian-regimes/


The military-industrial complex #MIC that President Eisenhower warned Americans about 60+ years ago is still alive and well. In fact, it’s consuming many more tax dollars and feeding far larger weapons producers than when Ike raised the alarm. https://responsiblestatecraft.org/2023/05/06/this-is-not-your-grandfathers-military-industrial-complex/



War what is it good for?

(Graph from https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/THALES-4715/news/Thales-Good-Q1-performance-supports-full-year-outlook-43764148/


May 5

#Rheinmetall pitches unmanned mothership full of tiny attack #drones.

Eind vorig jaar dreigde #Turks president #Erdogan met een nieuw #grondoffensief in Noord-Syrië. De bewoners van de ook al door de aarbeving geteisterde regio bereiden zich voor op het ergste. ‘Het is niet de vraag of het offensief er komt, maar wanneer.’

The defense industry and lobby groups in #Germany have been working to lift the ban on exporting offensive weapons to #Saudi Arabia.

#MBDA Deutschland is said to be part of these efforts.

The results of these efforts are answered in a 339-word report.

May 4


#UK arms exports to South #Sudan (2012-2022).

UK arms exports to Somalia (2012-2022)

“All the instruments of European defence policy are open, be it participation in crisis management operations, in developing defence capabilities through the #EDF – all of it is open to third countries... So these policies are open as well to the #UK.” #EU

RFE/RL: #China’s peace-broker role for #Ukraine can’t be discounted. Xi has been engaging with world leaders on this issue for months, and China has diplomatic capital to spend on the issue that could translate into momentum in the future.

Airbus, Eutelsat, Hispasat, SES & Thales Alenia Space will jointly bid for the EC Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity, & Security by Satellite #IRISS or #IRIS2, intended to provide more secure space-based communication to the EU by 2027.

Revenues at Airbus Defence and Space decreased 6 percent, mainly driven by lower volume in Military Air Systems and in Space Systems. One A400M transport aircraft was delivered in Q1 2023.

#Turkey’s weapons exports to #Africa, although still relatively small, were increasing rapidly – from $83m in 2020 to $460m in 2021. A study by a German institute #SWP described its rapid growth as ‘impressive’.

#Egypt is said to have made progress to procure the Lockheed Martin #THAAD system.

How advanced are the talks?
Will the US #DDTC approve the deal?
What about the talks with Lockheed?

A 231-word report to answer these questions and more BEHIND PAYWALL.

Whether they emanate from the right or the left, proponents of bringing Pentagon spending back down to earth will face bipartisan opposition by members who support high spending based on the desire to pour Pentagon funding into their states/districts.

Full guns blazing, but US #microchip export controls imposed last year to freeze China’s development of supercomputers used to develop nuclear weapons and AI are having only minimal effects on China’s tech sector. https://www.businesstoday.com.my/2023/05/03/chinas-ai-industry-barely-hampered-by-us-chip-export-rules/

Extra information:

EU member states reach deal on joint ammunition procurement for Ukraine

Defence: €500 million and new measures to urgently boost EU defence industry capacities in ammunition production https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/nl/ip_23_2569

Thanks to @_ENAAT

Brussels backs use of EU budget to fund arms factories

No large-scale cases of illegal circulation of firearms in connection with the year-long Russian war against Ukraine have been recorded.

This was stated by the EU delegation to international organizations in Vienna.


Hearing tomorow on:
Modernizing US Arms Exports and a Stronger #AUKUS.

Onrust heerst bij het korps commandotroepen vanwege een vermeend onveilige werksfeer. De landmacht onderzoekt de situatie en de commandant van de elite-eenheid zit thuis hangende het onderzoek. Hierover bericht het AD woensdag als eerste. #KCT #SOF

Helping at the cost of EU members. EU central budget resources usually set aside for infrastructure projects in poorer countries will now boost European arms production.

Armed police have used ‘intimidation and blanket detention’ to break up a peaceful protest at the Leicester factory of Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems.

Starting with sexual harashment in the Japanese military in one jump the article goes to: "experts say that there need to be far broader changes in Japan" like "the expansion of its arms exports industry" to strengthen the impact of the record spending.

On the other side of the Pacific. Sexual assault reporting by US military increased around 1 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year. In FY 2022, there were 8,942 reports. (Annual Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Report.)

May 3

While some ask if president Erdogan will be finally thrown out of Turkish politics,
https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/2023-04-27/ty-article/.premium/is-turkey-finally-ready-to-throw-out-erdogan/00000187-c19e-d0b0-a5b7-d59e48be0000 others highlight his presence at the next weapon system Turkey produces. He formally named the country’s new TF-X indigenous fighter on May 1. https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/aircraft-propulsion/turkish-fighter-christened-kaan-formal-rollout

By the end of 2023 an unusual deal for the #F35 fighter′s spare parts could be in place that would upend the current ineffective & cosly supply model. But can it handle wartime demands, also for global partner countries? A detailed look into this question.

#Czech arms manufacturers have seen their reputations transformed, from being a burden on the country’s international image to the government's main conduit of support for #Ukraine.

Profitable exports to authoritarian regimes and conflict zones however also revealed they do not much care about human rights and ethical standards when making those deals.

They have already started campaigning for the lifting of existing restrictions on commercial banks lending to the arms sector. https://balkaninsight.com/2023/05/03/weapon-supplies-to-ukraine-help-repair-tarnished-image-of-czech-arms-makers/

May 2

The Korea JoongAng Daily publishes showroom with the weapons Seoul has on offer for export.

According to Defense News, the #US House committee dedicated to countering #China is preparing bipartisan proposals for the fiscal 2024 defense authorization bill that would accelerate US munitions production and arms transfers to #Taiwan.

AUKUS initially drew sharp responses from several Southeast Asian states. Malaysia and Indonesia were the most vocal critics, expressing fears that AUKUS could lead to a regional arms race and further instability. Nowadays responses are more muted.

#India thinking big about military #exports to Africa, Tejas jets on radar. Nigeria will be the first country to receive an unspecified number of domestically built light attack helicopters from state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics buys via soft credit.

May 1

Next #F35 order. Again billions into #Lockheed's pockets.

The Pentagon approved the start of production for Lot 17 of the #JSF aircraft, which will include 126 aircraft for the USAF, USMC, USN & foreign forces, valued $7.8 Billion (= annual ME of Norway). https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/pentagon-awards-78-bln-f-35-contract-lockheed-martin-2023-04-28/

Myanmar National Unity Government is bereft of any meaningful external support while the junta is assisted by its fellow authoritarians since the 2021 coup.

Totally despicable, but one may ask is the Cold War 2.0 is in the interest of Myanmar people's.

While Europe buys US fighters Germany, Spain and France have formally agreed on the next stage in the development of the European fighter aircraft known as #FCAS (Future Combat Air System). For France and #export only?

De Guardiao (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardiao_(P511)) is een schip gebouwd door #Damen Shipyards en deels gefinancierd door #Nederland. Maar dit patrouille vaartuig ligt al twee jaar werkeloos en stuk in dok. Een obetaalbare miljoenenstrop voor het straatarme #Kaapverdië.

#Germany is planning to produce 250,000 155mm artillery #shells for #Ukraine, which is a quarter of the total amount of ammunition the European Union intends to provide to Ukraine.

That’s according to the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3702317-germany-planning-to-produce-250000-artillery-shells-for-ukraine-media.html


Why Active Non-Alignment Should Be the Basis of Latin America’s Modern Foreign Policy.


Debate on #Japanese arms export policy continues. EDITORIAL in the Asahi Shimbun: Restrictions on defense exports should remain for deadly arms. The ruling LDP however envisioned the lifting of the ban on transfers of lethal weapons countries in conflict. https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14898215

The Yomiuri Shimbun takes a more agressive stance. It is important to promote exports of defense equipment in order to rebuild the defense industry that supports Japan's security policy. https://japannews.yomiuri.co.jp/editorial/yomiuri-editorial/20230430-106703/

On Japanese arms export rules: do not "undermine our principles as a peaceful nation, and discussions are essential to forestall these moves from contributing to conflicts." "Arms transfers (... touch) on the very heart of what kind of nation Japan is." https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20230506/p2a/00m/0op/020000c

The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) called for an end to what it called "the pipeline of public funding to arms companies".