maandag 6 maart 2017

Week 9 in 25 tweets

 De week begon met een gedetailleerd blootleggen van Nederlandse corruptie bij de aanleg van Saoedische militaire vliegvelden met de omvang van € 330 miljoen. Een zaak die met de mantel der financiële schikking afgedekt werd.

Nederland (zie ook 21)

1 – 270217: Retweet Andrew Feinstein: Dutch company pays huge bribe to Saudis. Gr8 investigative work by Dutch TV journos

2 - 020317: Dutch report: Six Dutch insurance companies invest in arms manufacturers selling arms to Saudi's.


3- 020317: Defence budget growth or decline in 2016. See for yourself.

4 – 040317: #EU countries selling MILLIONS of pounds of arms to MENA - especially Saudi Arabia, but also Egypt, Israel, etc


5 – 010317: The pot calling the kettle black. Russian diplomat warns US arms deliveries to #Ukraine may turn into new tragedies.

Overige landen


6 - 040317: #China enters new era of weaponry with increase in #arms #exports. Recent estimates may be exaggerated, but ...

7 – 010317: Bigger #Pentagon #budget ‘could challenge #China’. Chinese analists warn against overreacting.  via @SCMP_News


8 – 270217: Looks useful for internal repression. #IDEX 2017: #Minerva in #Dubai #MSPV confirms large #Egyptian vehicle order.


9 – 040317: Why does the US continue to arm terrorists in Syria? via @thenation

Midden-Oosten (zie ook 4)

10 – 030317: "We are slowly but surely seeing a reshaping of the competitive dynamics in 1 of the most important export markets"


11 – 040317: Retweet Nils Duquet, Some of these many uncontrolled weapons currently trafficked in Sahel might in near future also fuel black market in Europe #projectSAFTE



12 – 270217: #Report: UK #Drone #Ops Against #ISIS: suggesting 1200 strikes without killing/injuring 1 #civilian is dangerous.

13 – 280217: China says it has received its largest foreign drone order: Xinhua via @Reuters

14 – 030317: Looks like Saudi just bought 300 armed UAVs from China - dwarfs UK or French numbers...

F-35 (JSF)

15 – 270217: US Air Force anticipates #JSF #F35 deployment to Middle East in 'not too distant future'

16 – 010317: It took seven days for 10 US Marine Corps #JSF #F35 to fly from Yuma to their new home at Iwakuni, #Japan Why ...


17 – 010317: Belgian and Dutch participation in missile defence 



18 – 270217: #Bulgaria's former defense minister put on #trial amid #procurement irregularity allegations #corruption


19 – 010317: #Israel to probe #German #submarine purchase #corruption


20 – 020317: #Damen irregularities. #Romania plans to bolster army after budget hike :: Balkan Insight #Corruption


21 – 270217: Dutch TV on #corruption between Saudi Royal family/Duch Balast Nedam involving over € 500 m for militairy air fields.


22 – 010317: #Thales earnings rise amid prospects of a European defense uptick


23 – 040317: 'Ethical investment' the bible belt way: no gay related investement, but oil and arms are fine. … via @YahooSG

Activisme en Onderzoek

24 – 010317: Walk through Brussels March 26 14-16h to hear about arms industry lobby.

25 – 030317: Belgium debate on arms trade was sold out, but now to watch @Vredesactie @andrewfeinstein @smhwpf @deBuren #*MO