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Week 19 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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Netherlands / Nederland (see also 12, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30)

1 – 080518: The only #Dutch 'company' (?) present at #SOFEX2018, was #IGP who knows them. / Wie kent het bedrijf IGP (aanwezig op Special Forces (SOF) beurs in Amman, Jordanië)? Of zou het hier gaan om een politie afdeling: Intelligence Gestuurd Politieoptreden?

EUROPE (see also 29, 30)

2 – 070518: Europe is committing to the development of a surveillance drone to rival those of its competitors in China, Israel and the US. via @aviationweek

3 – 090518: Quarrel on access to space among former friends. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has demanded Britain “go it alone” with the Galileo mili/civil satellite programme after Brussels threatened to exclude the nation from the £9billion programme after Brexit

Germany / Deutchland (see also 25, 28)

4 – 080518: Recent arms export from Germany to Turkey and Saudi Arabia did fall. Ministry data for March 14 - April 20 state Turkey and Saudi Arabia were each handed one export permit, worth 1,926 Euros (2,300 dollars) and 28,563 Euros respectively.

5 – 080518: Today activists from Germany and Italy are in Berlin, for the Rheinmetall AGM to do “critical shareholding” actions with @FFinanzaEtica. We will ask management about weapons exports to problematic countries by RWM Italia, which is controlled by the German firm. We do not want irresponsible arms transfers!

6 – 130518: Mit Spannung wird der Strafprozess gegen Heckler & Koch erwartet Trian against H&K starts next Tuesday.

7 – 130518: GroKo 2013-2017 - Rüstungsexporte um zwei Milliarden Euro gestiegen German arms exports increased € 2 billion, compared to previous government. Exports to regions of tension rose from 43.2% to 83.5%. via @maz_online

Turkey / Türkiye (see also 4, 14)

8 – 090518: CEO of #ASELSAN (Turkish defence contractor) said that it is not possible to impose a sanction to Turkey because the #F35 program will be collapsed if the U.S. blocks deliveries of the fighter jets to #Turkey.

9 – 100518: US Congress' attempts to sanction or impose an arms embargo on Turkey revitalized and reached a level we haven't seen since the 1970s when the US responded to Turkey's Cyprus intervention. Growing list of US Congressional threats against Turkey, see:

10 – 100518: US bill that would halt weapons sales to #Turkey risks terminating all procurement deals between the #NATO allies. But a US diplomatic source downplays the impact of the move, saying it would not be the end of a decades-long defense and security alliance.

11 – 120518: The United States will deliver the first F-35 joint strike fighter to Turkey on June 21 as part of a longstanding partnership between the two allies, despite attempts by the U.S. Congress to block the procurement of such weaponry to the Turkish government.

12 – 120518: New F-35 fighter jets to be stationed in eastern Turkey’s Malatya and on the industries involved, like Fokker Elma

13 – 140518: Experts believe that blocking delivery of the F-35s will eventually cause the collapse of the whole project because important parts of the aircraft such as the central fuselage are manufactured in Turkey.

UK (see also 3, 21, 26)

14 – 140518: Campaigners call for UK to act on rights as Turkish president arrives. Theresa May accused of ignoring 'alarming oppression' in order to win post-Brexit trade deal with Erdogan, included BAE Systems support for a Turkish fighter plane.

15 – 130518: The sincerity of #BAE Systems. CEO does not know whether its weapons are used to commit war crimes, he admitted while praising its “impeccable record on values”. But wouldn't even the 'unkwown' wrong here?

REST of the world


16 – 100518: UAE discusses military deals in Canberra drawing human rights criticism via @ABCNews

Bahrain / Al-Bahrayn
Chief of Egyptian Commandos Unit Major
General Mustafa Mahmoud Shawkat with the
#KADDB representative during #SOFEX in Jordan

17 – 110518: #Bahrain special forces, are interested in learning more about a #MBDA new land combat missile system.

Bangladesh / Bānglādesh


19 – 080518: No evidence Canadian vehicles involved in Saudi crackdown on civilians, says federal report. But anti-war NGO says the Foreign Affairs briefing note missed the point.

Egypt / Mişr

Wraps lifted off Jordan’s armed UAV [#SOFEX2018] drones

20 – 130518: Alarm in #Indian government after leaked documents claim #corruption in recent defence contracts and fixing in a Rs. 2,000-crore #Airbus deal to sell helicopters to the Indian Coast Guard.

Jordan / Al-'Urdun (see 1)
Mexico (see 6)
Panama (see 24)

Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see also 4, 15, 19, 22)

21 – 140518: My comprehensive guide to UK relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, covering oil, arms and capital. Published by @politybooks this September. 

Somalia / Soomaaliya (see 23)

South Africa

22 – 090518: Paramount specialized in armoured vehicles, aircraft, ships, and weapons systems. CEO Ichikowitz said: “Our Group has expanded way beyond the African continent and today has partnerships with Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

UAE / Al-Imarat Al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah (see 16, 26)
Vietnam / Việt Nam (see 24)
Yemen / Al-Yaman (see Saudi Arabia, 16)


Airbus (see 20)


23 – 110518: Dutch Atlantic Marine and Offshore Group prepared to complete contract with Somali MoD even though it has filed an arbitration case. The €132m contract covered acquisition of 6 Damen 5009 patrol boats to be built by Damen’s Romanian shipyard.

24 – 120518: Dutch Damen (Vietnam build) amfibious vessel (L-403) to enter Panama naval forces.

Fokker (see 12)
MBDA (see 17)
Thales (see 18)


Arms fairs (see also 1)

25 – 140518: Peace vigil to military fair ITEC. This 3-day event aims to ban military fairs (just like ITEC isn't welcome anymore in Brussels, Maastricht, Amsterdam nor Köln) from Stuttgart.

Drones (see 2)
F-35 (see 8-13)

Observation technology (IT)

26 – 120518: According to UK government weapons and equipment were sold worth £7.3 bn to the UAE in the past decade, including components for telecommunications eavesdropping technology and “intrusion software,” which is used to hack into targeted phones and computers.

Satellites (see 3, 18)
Small Arms (see also 6)

27 – 080518: #NRA Names Oliver North, Known for Reagan-Era Scandal, as President He sold weapons to Iran of the mullah's, and used the earnings for the US dirty war in Nicaragua by supporting the so-called Contra's.

28 – 090518: After tests with ammo and rifles (Knight’s Armament’s SR-25, the M110A1 (based on H&K) & Mk20 made by FN) SOF snipers will replace their 7.62mm sniper rifles with a caliber that doubles their hit probability at 1,000 meters, increases their effective range.

Speciale Forces (see 28)


Corruption (see 20)
Refugees (see also 30)

29 – 110518: EU: Budget proposals foresee big boost for spending on security, migration and border control

Research and activism (see also 5, 6, 25, 29)

30 – 140518: EU's solution to the refugee crisis? Outsource it to Africa and other neighbouring states Mark Akkerman introduces TNI new report in @euobs

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