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Week 27 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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Netherlands / Nederland (see also 21-22)

1 – 040718: Transatlantic ties reinforced. Netherlands, US sign defence agreement | Jane\'s 360

2 – 040718: Financially biggest Dutch dual-use sale in June 2018: lithography equipment for the production of computer chips to Hong Kong, China. Value is € 3bn.


3 – 030718: 3 out of the 5 main buyers of EU weapons where under tension in 2015: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India. Centro Delas 2nd report now available in English

4 – 040718: The Russian defence budget shrunk in 2017 with 20%. When European NATO countries do what NATO and Trump want 2% of GNP for the military á € 130 billion extra will be spend on weapons and soldiers. There is a bit of friction between both.

Belgium / België

5 – 020718: For those who want to look into the decision of the Conseil d'Etat on the Wallonian Export licenses for weapons and defense-related equipment to Saudi Arabia look here [French or Dutch]

6 – 090718: Protest against subsidising the Belgian arms industry. @Vredesactie

France (see also 18, 24)

7 – 020718: France aiding Egypt repression through arms sales: NGOs

8 – 020718: French arms exports halved in 2017, Mideast clients still biggest. Halved but France, the world's third-biggest arms exporter after the US and Russia, will book an additional 12 Rafale sales to Qatar this year. via @FRANCE24

9 – 060718: Why have French arms exports dropped 50 percent from 2016 to 2017?

Germany / Deutchland

10 – 090718:re Lockheed uses Oped in Defense News as chisel in fight for German's luftwaffe choice for fighter aircraft. #F35 #Tornado #NATO #Europe?

Italy / Italia (see also 24)

11 – 060718: Because Libya is an organised, united, and stable country full of respect for international law and defending the rights of refugees, Italy seeks an end to the arms embargo on the 'country'.

Spain / España (see 3)

Turkey / Türkiye (see also 24)

12 – 020718: Arms export control for regions of tension? #Azerbaijan parades Roketsan (#Turkey) SOM cruise missile | Jane\'s 360

13 – 020718: Turkey may not get the 100 F35s it wants, even after training is complete. US Senate passed the 2019 defense authorization bill that would block the jets’ sale to Turkey. The House would still need to agree to the language in the final version of the bill.

14 – 050718: Turkey's aviation and defense industry exports saw an increase of nearly 14 percent, reaching over $900 million in the first half of 2018, versus the same period last year.

15 – 060718: Turkey to sell four corvette ships to Pakistan. Just a bit larger as the the naval ships Dutch Damen sold last year to Pakistan. via @HDNER

UK (see 23)

REST of the world

AFRICA (see 17)
Azerbaijan / Azərbaycan (see 12)


16 – 050718: “An independent and external review of the use of Canadian-made Ghurka vehicles by Saudi security forces in the Eastern Province is necessary (...) reach a sound conclusion as to the level of risk involved in authorizing these exports.”

China / Zhōngguó (see also 2)

17 – 090718: Everything you need to know about the weapons China sells to Africa

Egypt / Mişr (see also 7)

18 – 090718: Egypt plans to buy 24 more Rafale fighter jets @AmwalAlGhad_EN


19 – 060718: Army chief General Bipin Rawat has said that it is critical that India find ways to bypass American sanctions against Russia, given that Russian-origin weaponry is in widespread use in the Indian armed forces.

Israël / Isra'il (see also 24)

20 – 090718: Oh irony of real world politics: Rights groups demand Israel stop arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

Kenya (see 22)

Libië / Lībīyah (see 11)
Pakistan / Pākistān (see 15)
Qatar (see 8)
Russia / Rossija (see 4, 19)
Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see 5, 16, 26)
Tunesia / Tunisiyya (see 21)
Ukraine / Ukrajina (see 20)


Damen (see also 15)

21 – 020718: Lightly armed Damen patrol vessels for Tunesian navy fitted with infra red camera (handy for locating traffic on Mediterranean.

22 – 040718: #Kenyan patrol ship returns as (unarmed?) naval research vessel with patrol task after refit in the Netherlands by #Damen Shipyards. | Jane\'s 360


Arms fairs

23 – 020718: SOF batmobile submarine goes up for sale at controversial UDT arms trade show in Glasgow among protests by CND, CAAT and others.

F-35 (see also 10, 13)

24 – 020718: 3x Joint Strike Fighter #F35:

Speciale Forces (see 23)
Submarines (see 23)


Defence budget (see 4, 25)
Refugees (see 21)

Research and activism (see also 3, 4, 6, 20, 23)

25 – 030718: De veiligheidsobsessie dient slechts de wapenindustrie, vindt Mark Akkerman van de actiegroep Stop Wapenhandel

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