zondag 29 juli 2018

Week 30 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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Netherlands / Nederland (see also 13, 20 en 21)

1 – 240718: Hidden parts of the Dutch arms export policy. Written for @CTWnl (Stop Wapenhandel / Stop Arms Trade) http://broekstukken.blogspot.com/2018/07/hidden-parts-of-dutch-arms-export-policy.html

Tabel 1: Dutch export licenses for components in 2017 (€ 20 million or more)
Country of destination
Country of final destination
Value (€)
Parts for diverse aircraft and helicopters
Parts for military transport aircraft
Parts for transport aircraft
Parts for diverse aircraft and helicopter engines
Parts for Tiger and NH90 helicopters and A400M freight aircraft
Parts for air missiles and aircraft.
Parts for F-16 fighter aircraft and diverse helicopters
Parts for diverse types fighter aircraft and -helicopters


2 – 250718: Arms industry/exports/funding NEWS FROM THE BRUSSELS’ BUBBLE #2018-4, 24 JULY 2018, by ENAAT, http://enaat.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ENAAT-NBB-2018-04_24.07.2018.pdf

3 – 290718: The European Commission is afraid of reputational damage because of opposition from ngo's against EU funding for the arms industry. #noEUmoney4arms @_ENAAT

France (see also 6)

4 – 230718: French fighter manufacturer Dassault net profit rose in the first half of 2018 to €186m, from €166m a year ago thanks to Mideast deals. Exports of the Rafale accounted for the bulk of the order book, with sales to Egypt, Qatar and India. https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2018/07/20/dassault-reports-net-profit-spike-in-first-half-of-2018-thanks-to-mideast-deals/

5 – 240718: France makes progress on refitting submarine for nuclear M51 missiles https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2018/07/23/france-makes-progress-on-refitting-submarine-for-m51-missiles/

Germany / Deutchland (see 23)

Italy / Italia (see also 13)

6 – 270718: Main message is: The French are trying to weaken Fincantieri and "the shareholders should make this remarkable company to abandon the suicidal "French strategy" and push new scenarios." https://www.milanofinanza.it/news/la-trappola-francese-nell-industria-militare-201807262116592899

Spain / España (see 23, 24)

Turkey / Türkiye (see also 22)

7 – 230718: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is urging Congress not to bar Turkey from purchasing the Lockheed Martin F-35, arguing that to do so would trigger an international “supply chain disruption” resulting in delays and higher costs for the $100 million aircraft. https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2018/07/23/jim-mattis-warns-congress-not-to-block-turkey-from-f-35-program/

8 – 250718: Defense authorization bill bars delivery of F-35 to Turkey until US government submits an assessment of the US-Turkey relationship; requires an assessment of the operational and counterintelligence risks of S-400; and calls on Turkey to release detained US https://www.defensenews.com/congress/2018/07/23/hardware-end-strength-russia-and-china-sanctions-heres-the-deal-lawmakers-reached-on-the-huge-defense-policy-bill/

9 – 280718: On the periphery of the EU. Turkey, Ukraine advance An-188 short take-off and landing aircraft co-production talks https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2018/07/27/turkey-ukraine-advance-an-188-co-production-talks


12 – 250718: UK's Navy's cut-price frigate contract runs aground because of 'lack of competition' https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/07/24/navys-cut-price-frigate-contract-runs-aground-lack-competition/ via @telebusiness

REST of the world

Bahrain / Al-Bahrayn

13 – 290718: O.H Perry class guide weapons frigate sold to #Bahrain. With Italian Oto Melara 76 mm gun and fire control radar Mk.92 based on Thales Nederland systems. http://www.bahrainbiznews.com/story-z8250320

Brasil (see 23)
Canada (see 18)

China / Zhōngguó

14 – 250718: China is nowhere close to dislodging the US from the Middle East as the main arms supplier, but it is penetrating the region steadily, beginning with drones and other weapons that are not particularly sophisticated. http://www.arabnews.com/node/1343631

Egypt / Mişr (see 4)
India (see 4)
Libië / Lībīyah (see 17)
Qatar (see 4)

Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see also 16)

Serbia / Srbija

15 – 280718: eKapija | Serbia sells 29 old tanks for over USD 540,000 https://www.ekapija.com/en/news/2205075/serbia-sells-29-old-tanks-for-over-usd-540000

South Africa

16 – 280718: South Africa's deadly involvement in the Saudi war on Yemen http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/south-africa-complicit-war-yemen-1495899269 via @MiddleEastEye

UAE / Al-Imarat Al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah

17 – 280718: UAE is also believed to be trying to establish its foothold in North Africa. In Libya by providing financial support to the Libyan National Army (LNA), led by Khalifa Haftar, in defiance of an internationally-recognized government in capital Tripoli. http://www.islamtimes.org/en/news/740659/uae-says-wants-bigger-military-role-in-middle-east

Ukraine / Ukrajina (see also 9)

18 – 250718: Huh? Canadian company wants to supply sniper rifles to Ukraine. "We are waiting for the signing of the permit to export the arms by Canadian government," MP James Bezan said. https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/general/520397.html It isn't fresh news, but aimed to raise pressure: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-arms-manufacturer-hopes-to-sell-assault-rifles-to-ukraine-military

Yemen / Al-Yaman (see also 16)

19 – 270718: U.S. allies have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians from the air. After 22 died at a wedding, one village asks, ‘Why us?’ https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/us-allies-have-killed-thousands-of-yemenis-from-the-air-after-22-died-at-a-wedding-one-village-asks-why-us/2018/07/25/3c3e4801-164e-42ae-ac08-bec09044e52a_story.html



20 – 230718: General Atomics concluded testing of the arresting hook for its proposed #MQ25 aerial refueling #drone for the US Navy. GA worked with GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business unit in Helmond, NL. #Fokker is slated to supply the arresting hook for the GA-ASI bid. http://www.ga.com/ga-asi-completes-testing-of-arresting-hook-and-hdd-for-mq-25

Thales (see also 13)

21 – 240718: Sea Sparrows (ESSM) to protect US amphibious landing capacity. (Dutch and others offsets) https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract-View/Article/1580691/


Drones (see 20)

F-35 (see also 7-8)

22 – 250718: Lockheed Martin: F-35 production on track won’t be overly exposed to cost pressures even as Congress mulls barring Turkey’s participation https://news.usni.org/2018/07/24/35291

Small Arms

23 – 250718: How to make the world an unsafer place for all. U.S. government ruling that allows 3D gun printing. The most of the 100.000 folowing downloads came from Spain, followed by the US, Brazil & Germany. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2018/07/20/making-guns-on-3d-printers-is-blow-against-gun-control.html


24 – 270718: Warning to all planning to buy new submarines: The total price of the contract for the four Spanish subs, even without the expenses for new docking, has nearly doubled after the unexpected challenges to reach €3.9 billion ($4.5 billion). https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2018/07/26/whats-the-problem-with-spains-new-submarine/


Defence budget (see 24)

Research and activism (see also 3)

25 – 250718: On July 17, the @DesignMuseum in London hosted an event held by Leonardo, one of the world's biggest arms companies. We currently have artwork in the @DesignMuseum's #HopeToNope exhibition. Today, alongside 24 other contributing artists we have demanded our art be taken returned https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/jul/24/design-museum-challenged--arms-industry-event

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