zaterdag 7 april 2018

Week 14 in #wapenhandel25tweets

(Gaarne 'liken' of delen als je het nuttig of interessant vindt.)

Mooi dat er toch weet Airbus protest is. Ga ook!

Nederland (zie ook 5, 6, 8)

EUROPA (zie ook 5)

1 – 030418: Estonian ICT company Cybernetica to participate in the first project backed by the European Defence Fund
via @EstonianWorld

België (zie 6)

Duitsland (zie 4, 12, 26)

Estland (zie 1)
Frankrijk (zie 10, 12. 20)

Roemenië (zie ook 14)

2 – 030418: Romania’s arms exports increased in 2017: ministry of foreign affairs report.

Spanje (zie 11)


3 – 030418: Erdogan showt in Afrin zijn home made wapentuig Erdogan shows his home made weaponry [in Dutch] via @DeGroene

4 – 060418: Turkish forces mainly used German rifles and other weapons to carry out the Genocide of the Armenian people, a new report has found, according to Deutsche Welle.

VK (zie ook 18, 22)

5 – 030418: The peculiar camouflage can't hide the Boxer program is European (Germany, Netherlands, OCCAR, bought by Lithuania). UK to re-join Boxer program, 14 years after opting out

Zweden (zie 7)



6 – 040418: Who is present on the FIDAE arms fair in Chile ( For the Netherlands it is the NLR, SEKO Logistics, an Holland Pavilion (organised by NIDV, and for Belgium FN Herstal.

Honduras (zie 18)


7 – 030418: When the Swedish authorities saw reports of AT-4s in Iraqi hands they asked the US government for an explanation. via @asiatimesonline

8 – 070418: The Dutch closely watch non-lethal equipment donated to FSA-linked groups in Syria stays in the possession of the selected groups. (Er wordt nauwgezet op toegezien dat de goederen in handen van de geselecteerde groepen blijven.)


9 – 030418: Review in Dutch: The Weapon Wizards

Japan (zie 23)
Jemen (zie Saoedi-Arabië)
Mexico (zie 16-17)


10 – 030418: Qatar makes down payment to Dassault for 12 more Rafale jets


11 – 040418: AMAZING!!! #Spanish Activists Kick Out #Saudi Ship Loading Weapons for #Yemen War! If we knew where ships with weapons for #Saudi war-crimes were docked in the #UK then I think we could do this too. #StopArmingSaudi #YemenCantWait

12 – 060418: Geman Defence Minister Von der Leyen meets her French colleague Parly. Controversial issue: arms exports espcially to members of Saudi led Coalition against Yemen. [in German] via @welt

Singapore (zie 19)
Tunesië (zie 14)
Zuid-Afrika (zie 21)
Zuid-Korea (zie 24)


Airbus (zie 19 MBDA, 27)


13 – 050418: More on the Dutch-German naval cooperation and the sharing of ship construction: frigates to Netherlands/Germany and subs to Germany/Norway.

14 – 070418: Tunisian Navy receives first of its new Damen MSOPV 1400 offshore patrol vessels | Jane's 360

Thales (zie 13, 21)

Drones (zie 1)

Kleine wapens (zie ook 6)

15 – 030418: Declaring bankruptcy won’t stop Remington from continuing to produce guns, nor will the move alone impact profit margins. Colt filed bankruptcy in 2015 and emerged in 2016 seemingly unscathed — valued at more than $250 million in 2016.

16 – 030418: Even bigger tragedies with US (& European) fire arms happen over the border. Arms are send in parts, assembled in Mexico. [in Spanish] La Jornada: Enviar armas en partes y por mensajería desde EU, la nueva forma de traficarlas

17 – 050418: American Made: How are US guns fueling violence in Mexico? via @AJStream

Observatie technologie (IT)

18 – 040418: War on Want co-signs letter to Liam Fox calling for an end to UK exports of surveillance equipment to Honduras

Onderzeeboten (zie 13)


19 – 030418: Singapore has given the first glimpse of its latest addition to the multilayered air defense network defending the southeast Asian island nation: showed the European #MBDA Aster 30 SAMP/T medium- to long-range ground-based weapon.

20 – 050418: Missile Defence: France tests radar to detect and track ballistic missiles, satellites

Satellieten (zie ook 20)
Wapenbeurzen (zie 6)


21 – 060418: Thales and former president Zuma on trial in South Africa for bribes and arms deals [in French] Afrique du Sud: l'ex-président Zuma au tribunal pour corruption

Onderzoek en activisme (zie ook 4, 11)

22 – 010418: Arms companies hand British universities £40m

23 – 040418: The debate on military research guidelines in Japan pushed by Science Council of Japan itself commitment to avoid becoming engaged in scientific research for war purposes.

24 – 040418: Yes! Researchers to boycott South Korean university over AI weapons work

25 – 040418: Google employees demand the company pull out of Pentagon Artificial Intelligence project via @Verge

26 – 040418: About 4,000 people participated in the Easter marches in Frankfurt, according to the organizers on Monday. That is twice as many as last year. Especially the demand for a halt to all arms exports motivated to participate. [in German];art675,2949654


27 – 040418: #stopthewaronmigrants April 11: Theatrical demonstration and die-in against Airbus and the militarization of EU borders during Airbus’ shareholders meeting. Spread the word! Invite all your friends and comrades and share this event! Let's make it BIG!

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