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Week 22 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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'A peaceful world is possible', as posted on https://twitter.com/andrewfeinstein

Netherlands / Nederland (see also 13, 19, 20-22)

1 – 290518: (NL-Amb Disarmament‏ @RobGabrielse) Today I met representative of #SyrianNegotiationsCommission in Geneva. Fully agreed that Syrian presidency of #Conference on Disarmament is neither credible, nor desirable.


Belgium / België

2 – 030618: On #F35 Lightning II 'debate' in Parliament and the missing debate on security, the 2% of GNP to military expenditures and 20% of enormous amount to arms acquisitions (due to a NATO decision). CASH for military industries like Lockheed. [In Dutch] http://www.knack.be/nieuws/belgie/politieke-soap-rond-opvolging-f-16-s-leidt-af-van-fundamentele-vraag-welk-soort-defensiepolitiek-hebben-we-nodig/article-opinion-1155521.html

Czech Rep. / Česko

3 – 310518: Ceska zbrojovka Uhersky Brod (CZUB), the Czech firearms manufacturer, had a record-breaking year with a profit of CZK625mn (€ 24.1mn), up CZK28mn from 2016. Total revenues increased to CZK4.523bn, from CZK4.101bn in 2016, the vice-president said on May 29. Intellinews 30/05/18

Germany / Deutchland

4 – 270518: Overview of the German arms industry in Southwest. [in German]

5 – 310518: Majority of Germans against arms trade. 80% opposes arms trade to war and conflict regions. 83%! to Turkey. [in German]
Deutliche Mehrheit der Deutschen ist gegen Verkauf von Waffen an andere Staaten https://www.stern.de/news/deutliche-mehrheit-der-deutschen-ist-gegen-verkauf-von-waffen-an-andere-staaten-8001050.html

France (see also 14, 21)

6 – 310518: Dassault Aviation @Dassault_OnAir have joined as the 1st Platinum Sponsor for EDEX 2018. Dassault Aviation SA is an international French aircraft manufacturer of military, regional, and business jets, a subsidiary of Dassault Group #EDEX2018 #airforce #army #navy #defence #Egypt

Sweden / Sverige (see 22)

Turkey / Türkiye (see also 10 (photo), 18)

7 – 300518: UK Rolls-Royce engines to propulse deadly #Turkish fighter force. Turkey’s defence procurement agency have signed a letter of intent to finalize negotiations by July 31 on an engine program that will power the TF-X, Turkey’s future indigenous fighter jet. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2018/05/29/turkey-rolls-royce-set-deadline-for-talks-over-homemade-jets-engine/

UK (see also 7, 15, 17)

8 – 270518: British arms exports to Israel reach record level - this is shocking, especially in light of the recent deaths caused by Israeli snipers in Gaza. These arms sales must stop https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/27/british-arms-exports-israel-new-record #StopArmingIsrael

Australia (see 11)
Bahrain / Al-Bahrayn (see 10)
Egypt / Mişr (see 6)
Israël / Isra'il (see 8)

Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see also 12)

9 – 010618: Boeing has sealed a $26 million deal with Saudi Arabia for eight CH-47F Chinook heavy lift helicopters, adding to the contracts the company has inked with the Royal Saudi Land Forces under a multi-billion-dollar foreign military sales program. http://www.rotorandwing.com/2018/05/29/boeing-adds-26-million-saudi-ch-47f-sales-contract/

Syria / Suriyah (see 1)

South Korea / Hanguk

10 – 020618: @BHWatch's #stoptheshipment campaign succeeded in pressuring the South Korean government into placing an embargo on tear gas to Bahrain, stopping a planned shipment by Dae Kwang Chemical. https://wagingnonviolence.org/feature/resistance-tear-gas/

United States (see 9, 26)

Vietnam / Việt Nam

11 – 270518: Việt Nam’s first submarine search & rescue ship, will be build at the MoD Z189 shipyard which gained international reputation after it built ships with similar functions for Royal Australian Navy in a joint venture with the Dutch defence group Damen. http://vietnamnews.vn/politics-laws/448631/viet-nam-starts-building-its-first-submarine-rescue-ship.html

Yemen / Al-Yaman

12 – 310518: Saudi-led Battle for rebel-held Yemen port may trigger humanitarian disaster https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/31/battle-for-rebel-held-yemen-port-may-trigger-humanitarian-disaster



13 – 010618: Invest in new submarines. Columnist of Dutch populist paper argues the government has to invest in domestic submarine building, because investments in F-35 were an success (after billions of government sponsorship). As if you can compare a major Lockheed product with a Damen submarine. [in Dutch] https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/2109856/noodzakelijke-investering

Remark: It is not only comparing the 1000 x bigger F-35 programme with submarines. It is also stating the US is jelous on the Dutch frigates, which is true for a tiny part. The Dutch missile defence Smart-L radar is cheaper and has comparable results as the US Aegis system. So Niels Berger misses its target. It is not Damen but Thales Nederland which may cash the jealously of the US missile defence experts. The submarines will not be fitted wqith Missile Defence capacity.


14 – 270518: Thales CEO Caine isn't enthusiastic about creating an Airbus of the seas, with the French Naval Group & Italian Leonardo. He is concerned about the impact of the project on his radar activity. Leonardo has it's own naval systems to bring into the venture. https://www.lesechos.fr/industrie-services/air-defense/0301720907892-thales-craint-le-rapprochement-entre-naval-group-et-fincantieri-2178937.php


Arms fairs (see also 6)

15 – 270518: Glasgow will be rolling out the red carpet for arms dealers next month. #SinkUDT https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/12772/pressure-glasgow-council-rethink-arms-fair-renewed-amid-israeli-state-violence

F-35 (see also 2)

16 – 290518: Lockheed Martin F-35 Fighter Poised To Become One Of America's Biggest Exports via @forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/lorenthompson/2018/05/29/lockheed-martin-f-35-fighter-poised-to-become-one-of-americas-biggest-exports/#772e189c4d54

17 – 300518: Lockheed Martin (LMT) wins $558M deal to support F-35 jets - May 25, 2018. 1 percent of the work in UK https://www.zacks.com/stock/news/305176/lockheed-martin-lmt-wins-558m-deal-to-support-f35-jets

18 – 310518: Turkey is set to take delivery of its first F-35A stealth fighter jets in June, prompting a major security headache for the United States (and Israel). https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-turkey-u-s-f-35-can-the-u-s-risk-erdogan-flying-1.6132903

Missile defence

19 – 300518: Lockheed awarded a $282m modification to domestic and FMS (Netherlands; Germany; Japan; KSA; Kuwait; Qatar; Taiwan; UAE; and Korea S.) for Phased Array Tracking on Radar to Intercept Advanced Capability-3 Missile Support Center post-production support. https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract-View/Article/1530462/

Small Arms (see 3)

Submarines (see also 13, 15)

20 – 020618: Daily episode of the Dutch submarine lobby (today in BN de Stem / PZC (https://www.pzc.nl/zeeuws-nieuws/nieuwe-onderzeeeneuml-rs-moeten-in-nederland-worden-gebouwd~a8f5c683/) telling their story.

21 – 020618: And here another one on the Dutch submarine lobby. With visit to the French Naval Group in Cherbourg. https://www.nd.nl/nieuws/nederland/wat-russen-kunnen-willen-fransen-beter-doen.3031082.lynkx

22 – 020618: Meer over het voorstel van Saab en Damen. Tijdens een exclusieve presentatie aan http://Marineschepen.nl  in Malmö is voor het eerst uitgebreid ingegaan op de details van het ontwerp. #onderzeeboten Lees verder: https://marineschepen.nl/nieuws/Details-voorstel-Saab-Damen-nieuwe-Nederlandse-onderzeeboot-010618.html


Defence budget (see also 2)

23 – 300518: Find the SIPRI database on military spending a bit hard to read and use? Try the the other SIPRI alternative at http://visuals.sipri.org With Graphs, and maps and tables. And some stuff you can click on. More fun than an excel sheet!

24 – 020618: How to make the world an unsafer place. “Two key industry groups hope now is the time to push a major change to the defense export process“ https://www.defensenews.com/industry/2018/06/01/trade-group-intensifies-push-for-security-cooperation-strategy/

Lobby (see submarines)

Research and activism (see also 5, 23)

25 – 290518: The West Midlands Pension Fund has agreed to divest from South Korean arms manufacturer Hanwha Corporation after years of sustained pressure on the company from institutional investors across the globe in relation to cluster munitions. http://www.pensions-expert.com/DB-Derisking/West-Midlands-to-divest-from-arms-manufacturer

26 – 290518: From hand warmers to rifles, the Pentagon's excess property program transfers surplus equipment to law enforcement agencies across the United States. How aware are Americans of this program, and what do they think about it? Check out our new report: https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR2464.html

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