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Week 39 in #wapenhandel25tweets

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Netherlands / Nederland (see )

1 – 260918: Peace loving people of #Bruchem just one week 1 DAG! to paint your banner and protest the lessons on Awareness Course U.S. Export Controls given at Landgoed Groenhoven. "Trump no arms to Saudi's"

2 – 270918: Answers on 382 Parliamentary questions on the deliverance of non-lethal equipment to Syrian opposition groups by the Dutch government. It offeers a lot of insight in decession making on the issue [in Dutch]

3 – 270918: My view on a book about the Dutch submarine building capacity before WWII. Expanded the part on cooperation with the German submarine design bureau a bit. Information for the German U-boats came from The Hague in thirties. [in Dutch]

4 – 280918: Dutch controls on arms transit fails. [in Dutch]
(Next week in the 25 tweets Questions on the issue in Parliament.)

5 – 300918: Nieuw voertuig Defensie geschikt zijn bijvoorbeeld inzet verdediging in de strijd tegen drugstransporten, wapenhandel, illegale visserij en milieudelicten in Colombia en Venezuela, zegt fabrikant DEBA Bedrijfswagens te Etten-Leur

EUROPE (see also 29)

6 – 250918: The arms industry has influenced the agenda and objectives of the EU’s defence programs, according to Bram Vranken of @Vredesactie in new report 'Corporate capture in Europe - When big business dominates policy-making and threatens our rights' by @ALTEREU:

7 – 260918: Julian King, head of the EU's security unit praised EU investment in security and defense initiatives, such as the Permanent Structured Cooperation and the Coordinated Annual Review on Defence, which involve “tens of billions of euros.” … #Brexit

France (see also 20, 29)

9 – 300918: A look at a UAE tank deal: An intermediary received a commission of almost $200 million for the sale of battle tanks to United Arab Emirates. Some of that money, though, may have been used to bribe government officials.

Germany / Deutchland (see also 9, 29, 31)

10 – 260918: Hearing on arms trade in German Parliament. (with list of experts)
Anhörung zu Rüstungsgütern

11 – 270918: Saudi Arabia, Germany turn page on diplomatic dispute: FA Minister Maas, egged on by German industry, had been working for months to resolve the dispute. Earlier this month, Berlin signed off on the delivery of four artillery positioning systems to KSA.

12 – 021018: Germany exports € 254 million worth of arms to Saudi Arabia despite Yemen involvement

13 – 300918: Since March 14, the Berlin government has issued 16 export permits for Turkey worth € 916,902, according to a parliamentary reply from the Economy Ministry to an opposition question seen by dpa on Sunday.

Greece / Ellas

14 – 300918: Thales Nederland equips future Greek frigate aimed at "an increasingly aggressive Turkey that is developing its naval and airborne capabilities with domestic weapon systems."

Italy / Italia (see 17)
Spain / España (see 29)

Switzerland / Suisse

Turkey / Türkiye (see 13, 14)

UK (see also 7, 21)

16 – 011018: Fears over 'sinister influence' of Yemen-linked arms firm BAES in Scottish schools

REST of the world


17 – 250918: Squeeze them: If client are not that rich, you offer cheaper military jets. Leonardo and South African Paramount Group to cooperate On weaponized M-345 jet for African market

Afghanistan (see 33)

Azerbaijan / Azərbaycan

18 – 250918: Which companies wants to sell arms in or with #Azerbaijan #Damen Article:

Australia (see 25)

Canada (see 31)

Central African Republic / Ködörösêse tî Bêafrîka

19 – 300918: Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, the UN special representative, called Thursday for transparency on arms flowing into the Central African Republic from Russia, China or the US.

China / Zhōngguó (see 24)


20 – 011018: Dogfight over the purchase of 36 French Rafale planes dominates public discourse in India. National leaders are calling each other thieves, liars, traitors and corrupt. In the eye of the storm is industrialist Anil Ambani.

Israël / Isra'il

21 – 270918: A motion calling for an arms boycott against Israel passed by the Labour's annual conference on Tuesday is - who wasn't expecting it - criticised by the British Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Labour Friends of Israel organization.

Japan / Nihon-koku

22 – 240918: Almost 70 percent of national research and development agencies lack rules governing their military research activities, according to a recent survey announced by the Science Council of Japan.

Philippines (see also 30)

23 – 250918: The US donated the Philippines more than 5m rounds of ammo valued US$2.2m as part of its counterterrorism training program. It includes various types of live and practice 5.56mm, 7.62mm rounds, 12-gauge shotgun shells, .50-caliber rounds, & stun grenades.

Saudi Arabia / Al-Arabiyah as Sa'udiyah (see 4, 11-12, )
Syria / Suriyah (see 2)

Taiwan / Táiwān

24 – 250918: Fan the flames: US Sells US$330 million In military gear to Taiwan amid China tensions

UAE / Al-Imarat Al-Arabiyah Al-Muttahidah (see 9)

United States (see 1, 24, 27, 32)

25 – 300918: Understanding US influence on Defence Export Controls, article fiocusses on Australia, but is also of interest to other US allies.

Yemen / Al-Yaman

26 – 250918: Dutch MP Karabulut, SP calls for Dutch pressure in UN SC aiming at an arms embargo against the parties involved in the war in #Yemen and sanctions against war criminals. "Make lives more important as profits for weapon manufacturers. [in Dutch] #Thales

27 – 270918: A war powers resolution to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen’s civil war has more than 50 sponsors, including some Democratic big guns.



29 – 300918: OCCAR has commissioned Airbus Helicopters, on behalf of the French, German and Spanish Armament DGA, BAAINBw and DGAM, to perform studies aimed at providing Tiger heli's with next generation battlefield capabilities. Thales and MBDA will also take part.

Damen (see also 3, 18, 30)

28 – 280918: #ADAS2018: Dutch #Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding is looking to establish within the #Philippines a industrial footprint like it has in neighbouring Indonesia and Vietnam, Roland Briene, Damen’s Asia-Pacific area director, told Jane’s on 27 September.

MBDA (see 29)
Thales (see 14, 26, top)


Arms fairs

30 – 280918: Who wants to sell arms in the Phillipines, Russian and Chinese, but also Czech, German, UK, Luxembourgh, Finish, French, Greek Dutch etc. arms manufacturers. #ADAS2018 … #Damen


31 – 240918: Rarely used, cost just a meagre € 700 million: German Eurohawk drone produced by Northrop Grumman. Now sold to Canada (for ?) to be cannibalised. The drone has already been "demilitarized."

32 – 260918: After cuts, 2019 drone budget still largest ever for Pentagon #drones


33 – 280918: US Marine Corps F-35B joint strike fighter used in for first combat mission over Afghanistan. The strikes, carried out by F-35Bs assigned to the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

34 – 011018: Lockheed Martin and the US Defence Department have sealed a potential $11.5B deal for the company to build 141 lot 11 F-35 fighter jets for the US and foreign allies.

Small Arms (see 23)
Submarines (see 3)


Corruption and fraud (see 9, 20)
Defence budget (see 5, 8 (France))
Refugees (top)
Research and activism (see 6, 16, 22, top)

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