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Week 49 in #wapenhandel25tweets

 Eerdere beurs in Koeweit

(Gaarne 'liken' of delen als je het nuttig of interessant vindt.)

Op zoek naar een voorbeeld van wapenhandel. Kijk deze week eens wat er op de wapenbeurs in Koeweit gebeurt. Een aantal landen is er minimaal aanwezig. Nederland en het VK met een bedrijf, repectievelijk Damen en MBDA. Andere Europese landen met een hele zwik bedijven.

De veiligheid is niet gediend met het opvoeren van de bewapeningswedloop in een regio waar de spanningen niet alleen liggen tussen Iran en de landen op Arabische schiereiland, maar ook tussen Qatar en Saoedi-Arabië. Waar conflicten niet van de lucht zijn en de oorlog met Jemen steeds meer slachtoffers vergt.
“The expo will see attendance from Eurofighter Typhoon, Lockheed Martin ,Raytheon, MBDA, Textron, Lurssen, Aselsan, TAIS, Havelsan, SAAB, Leonardo, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Damen Shipyards, Naval Group, Navantia, Kongsberg, Thales, Rohde & Schwarz, Diehl Defence, Otokar, FNSS, Oshkosh, Nurol Makina, Renault Trucks Defense and many others.”

Nederland (zie ook 14-15, 17, 24)

1 – 081217: Q&A on deliverances of #Dutch F-16's to #Jordan, one of the countries involved in the Saudi-led coalition against #Yemen, included in air combat with F-16's. But the Dutch #F16's will nog be used for this Jordan guaranteed.

EUROPA (zie ook 6-7, 8, 17, 18)

2 – 041217: retweet @_ENAAT - A main objective of morning session of #EDIS2017 is to reassure EU partners, in particular US industry that door to EU funding for military R&D could be open to them #noEUmoney4arms

3 – 051217: Europe and the defence industry in a glimpse

4 – 081217: Exports of EU member states to Saudi's remain high throughout 2016 and are slightly lower as in 2015 (€1.8 versus €1.6 bn) leaked report shows. (zie bij Saoedi-Arabië voor illustratie)

Duitsland (zie ook 10, 26)

5 – 071217: German Greens want to debate Yemen. Just in time next week EFA GmbH is on arms fair in Kuwait to market its fighter planes.

Konflikte: Grüne wollen Bundestag mit Eskalation im Jemen befassen via @welt @BriHasselmann

Frankrijk (zie ook 23)

6 – 051217: French and Italian firms jointly offer FREMM frigate to Canadian government, skipping shipbuilder

7 – 071217: That is quick. Bold move backfires as Canada declines Naval Group-Fincantieri frigate offering.

8 – 071217: European defence collaboration in a nutshell: Leonardo wants clout in Italo-French naval integration. But Thales has major stake in the Naval Group.

Italië (zie 6-7, 8)


9 – 051217: Portugal reveals details of offset projects in total € 2.746 billion | Jane's 360


10 – 091217: German arms exports to #Turkey show s clear decline. [in German] Weniger #Rüstungsexporte in die #Türkei genehmigt


11 – 051217: CAAT Podcast on arms in the eighties to India to repress the Sikhs.


12 – 071217: Hardly a defence 4 secrecy on exporting larger 155mm ammo order by #SAAB subsidary #Switzerland: "The industry’s nature is such that due to circumstances concerning the product and customer, further information about the customer will not be announced."


India (zie ook 11)

13 – 091217: As expected: #Wassenaar Arrangement admits #India as 42nd member

Iran (zie 19)
Israël (zie 22)
Japan (zie 21)
Jemen (zie 5, 19)
Jordanië (zie 1)
Koeweit (zie 5, 25-26)


14 – 081217: Sentence arms dealer for Liberia Guus #Kouwenhoven arrested in Kaapstad. [in Dutch]

15 – 081217: Fugitive #Dutch arms dealer, Guus #Kouwenhoven, linked to #Liberian war nabbed in Cape Town

Saoedi-Arabië (zie ook 4)

16 – 071217: Did American Missile Defense Patriot fail in Saudi Arabia against a rather simple Scud, despite Trump bragging (“That’s how good we are.")? It would not be the first time. Saudi's have the most advanced (PAC 3) version.

17 – 071217: Oproep EU wapenembargo naar Saoedi-Arabië, maar leveranties gaan door.

18 – 101217: Advisor to Social Democrats in European Parliament @EldarMamedov4 analysis enormous arms trade to Saudi's and UAE is - among more - barrier to policical solution for conflict in the Middle East. via @lobelog

19 – 101217: U.N. says missiles fired at Saudi Arabia have 'common origin', but they are still investigating U.S. and Saudi claims that Iran supplied them.

VAE (zie 18)



20 – 071217: Airbus and the risks of bribery across borders. And who to consult if catched. Article on bribes and advertisement for solicitors in one go.



F-35 (zie ook 17)

21 – 061217: F-35 loses panel near Okinawa.

22 – 061217: On the F-35 Lightning II or JSF:

b) F-35 will be integrated "into the greater IAF and to apply these holistic capabilities to the challenges Israel faces.”


23 – 091217: Revolving doors: Former procurement official, Stéphane Reb, joins #MBDA and will manage the airborne #nuclear sector. #ASN4G #ASMPA

Kleine wapens
Observatie technologie (IT)
Raketschild (zie 22)

24 – 081217: Old news The WGS-9 #satellite, funded through an international partnership between US, and Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, The #Netherlands and New Zealand, will be launched early next year. Boeing is on contract for a total of 10 WGS satellites.
WGS 1-10 = US #satellite constellation providing communications for military ops around the globe, supporting soldiers, ships, and aircraft including #drones used for surveillance and intelligence gathering operations around the globe. #Netherlands

Wapenbeurzen (zie 5)

25 – 051217: They will all go to the Gulf to sell their weapons, UK, US, Russian and Dutch companies. Kuwait Business: Kuwait defence exhibition grows in size

26 – 061217: Which German weapon producers go o Kuwait next week to sell arms?

Corruptie (zie 20)
Lobby (zie 3)
Onderzoek en activisme (zie ook 3, 17, 19)

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