zondag 18 maart 2018

Week 11 in #wapenhandel25tweets

(Gaarne 'liken' of delen als je het nuttig of interessant vindt.)

Onder de volgende tekst – waarin één of meer tweets zijn verwerkt –
staan de 25 tweets van deze week.

SIPRI publiceerde de nieuwe gegevens omtrend wapenimport en -export. Nederland was in 2016 buiten de top 10 gevallen. Die gegevens zitten ook in het artikel over dual-use naar China (tweet 2). Nederland heeft de vertrouwde plaats weer ingenomen.

Vertrouwd is geen overdrijving. Die positie heeft Nederland ook op lange termijn (vanaf 1950) staat Nederland bij de tien grootste exporteurs, zo berekende Business Insider op grond van SIPRI-gegevens.

De Nederlandse wapens vallen niet op. Het gaat veel al om onderdelen voor marineschepen, raketten, vliegtuigen en helikopters. 

De afgelopen week werd op de Dimdex wapenbeurs in Doha weer een groot contract gesloten voor helikopters voor Qatar (tweet 18). Fokker is onderdeel van het consortium dat deze bouwt en levert dus ongezien onderdelen.

Nederland (zie ook 2, 16, 22)

1 – 160318: ‘Deze grafiek laat zien dat Nederland al sinds 1950 bij de top 10 van mondiale wapenexporteurs zit’ – @BINederland using @SIPRIorg #ArmsTransfers data: https://www.businessinsider.nl/deze-grafiek-laat-zien-dat-nederland-al-sinds-1950-bij-de-top-10-van-mondiale-wapenexporteurs-zit/

EUROPA (zie ook 13)

2 – 140318: How to limit exports used to strengthen the Chinese military and repressive infrastructure without creating a Cold War atmosphere? http://broekstukken.blogspot.nl/2018/03/dual-use-technology-for-china.html

3 – 130318: Guideline for understanding the phrase 'Specially Designed for Military Use' in EU arms export control regime. https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/Survey-Guideline-for-Specially-Designed-for-Military-Use-2018

4 – 150318: #EDIDP is about securing arms industry profits, not about citizens protection. Read @Vredesactie report on corporate lobbying on #EU #DefenceFund, very instructive now that negotiations start #noEUmoney4arms @JerzyBuzek @GrosseteteF https://www.vredesactie.be/en/nieuws/how-arms-lobby-hijacking-europe%E2%80%99s-defence-policy

5 – 150318: Proposal by German BAFA for cooperation in arms control policy between France and Germany. Präsident Ausfuhrkontrollbehörde Bafa, Andreas Obersteller, hat für eine enge Zusammenarbeit bei Rüstungsexporten plädiert. http://www.zeit.de/news/2018-03/14/deutschland-bafa-plaediert-fuer-enge-deutsch-franzoesische-zusammenarbeit-bei-ruestungsexporten-14082004

Duitsland (zie ook 5, 11, 16-17)

6 – 120318: Manufacturers from Northern Germany sell arms the world over [in German] Norddeutsche Firmen liefern Waffen in alle Welt https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/Norddeutsche-Firmen-liefern-Waffen-in-alle-Welt,waffenverkaeufe100.html

7 – 120318: German caretaker government has approved arms exports valued approximately €2bn. Clients: Egypt, Qatar, Pakistan. [In German] Deals mit Ägypten, Katar, Pakistan: Übergangsregierung genehmigte Rüstungsexporte in Milliardenhöhe http://spon.de/afbEf  via @SPIEGELONLINE

Frankrijk (zie ook 5)

Noorwegen (zie 10, 11)

Turkije (zie ook 12)

8 – 170318: Ties between Turkey and Qatar pay off. Turkish defense firms ink nearly $800M of deals at Doha exhibition https://www.dailysabah.com/defense/2018/03/17/turkish-defense-firms-ink-nearly-800m-of-deals-at-doha-exhibition



9 – 170318: A metric of great power influence, arms sales, shows United States’ enduring reach in Asia. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/03/09/world/asia/china-us-asia-rivalry.html

China (zie 2, 9)

Qatar (zie ook 8, 15, 22-23)

10 – 140318: Kongsberg signs long-term vehicle technology deal in Qatar. The contract will seek to develop new technologies for "communication, digitalization and tower solutions for military vehicles." https://upi.com/6722064t  via @upi


11 – 150318: What pushes countries like Germany and Norway to stop selling weapons to Saudi's? "Unfortunately, the Trump administration as well as U.K. government has failed to live up to responsible standards for engaging in the arms trade." https://www.albawaba.com//news/what-pushes-country-stop-selling-weapons-1102698

12 – 170318: As long as rockets continue to fall on Eastern Ghouta & Damascus, as fighting continues in Afrin, the ICRC is calling for: anyone selling weapons that could be used in violation of international humanitarian law to stop such sales https://independent.ng/icrc-calls-for-end-of-weapons-supplies-to-syrian-conflict-sides/

13 – 170318: More than 60 per cent of ISIS weapons examined by CAR came from Russia and China and more than a 1/3 from EU members states. And more info on arms fueling the conflict in the Middle East. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/the-bullet-tracer-isis-and-the-international-arms-trade-8d7wmpbnb

VS (zie ook 9)

14 – 140318: How Much Do America’s Arms Makers Depend on Foreign Metal? No One Seems to Know http://www.defenseone.com/business/2018/03/how-much-do-americas-arms-makers-depend-foreign-metal-no-one-seems-know/146579/ via @defenseone


Airbus (zie 18)


15 – 120318: Damen Nakilat showcases maritime, naval expertise at Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (Dimdex) http://www.gulf-times.com/story/584804/Nakilat-showcases-maritime-naval-expertise-at-Dimd

16 – 130318: On German naval project MKS 180 (Damen). [In German] Werft-Betriebsräte beraten über Marineschiffbau https://www.welt.de/regionales/hamburg/article174446320/Werft-Betriebsraete-beraten-ueber-Marineschiffbau.html via @welt

17 – 160318: #Hamburg-based #Blohm+Voss this week lobbied lawmakers in favor of the #Damen-led consortium. While the Dutch firm would lead the design work, the ships would be built in Hamburg and secure jobs there. https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2018/03/15/shipbuilders-split-on-german-ness-of-new-combat-ship/


18 – 160318: #Qatar signed at arms fair, DIMDEX, with the NHI consortium—which includes Airbus’ and Leonardo’s helicopter divisions and Dutch aircraft manufacturer #Fokker, which respectively hold 62.5%, 32% and 5.5% of the consortium—for the purchase of 28 NH90 and 16 H125 helicopters. http://www.helicopters.airbus.com/website/en/press/State-of-Qatar-signs-contract-for-28-NH90-multirole-helicopters_2184.html



19 – 170318: The U.S. State Department’s updated #drone export policy could be out as quickly as the next month, a top department official said Friday. Aim of new policy is to make it easier to sell the systems to partners abroad. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/air/2018/03/16/updated-drone-export-policy-could-come-within-weeks/


20 – 130318: SpaceX’s most recent launch carried a secret military-funded experiment - https://spaceflightnow.com/2018/03/12/spacexs-most-recent-launch-carried-a-secret-military-funded-experiment/

21 – 150318: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency #DARPA has taken an interest in small #satellites as an avenue to prepare for a more militarized space environment. The agency is currently working on several programs aimed at developing small satellite technology https://www.c4isrnet.com/newsletters/military-space-report/2018/03/14/why-industry-wants-the-pentagon-to-consider-small-satellites/

Wapenbeurzen (zie ook 8, 10, 15

22 – 120318: Besides Damen Nakilat also KNDS (KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems) and Mine Kafon (http://minekafon.org/index.php/history/) from the Netherlands are present at DIMDEX in Doha, Qatar. http://www.dimdex.com/en/exhibiting/2018-exhibitors.aspx#page=1


Onderzoek en activisme

24 – 120318: Fact sheet by SIPRI, TRENDS IN INTERNATIONAL ARMS TRANSFERS, 2017. Top-10 arms exporters 2013-2017:
US 34%
Russia 22
France 6.7
Germany 5.8
China 5.7
UK 4.8
Spain 2.9
Israel 2.9
Italy 2.5

25 – 120318: Asia and the Middle East lead rising trend in arms imports, US exports grow significantly, according to NEW @SIPRIorg #ArmsTransfers data. Read the Fact Sheet: http://bit.ly/2FAtL7x

26 – 160318: Partnerships between universities and arms manufacturers raise thorny ethical questions http://theconversation.com/partnerships-between-universities-and-arms-manufacturers-raise-thorny-ethical-questions-93005 via @ConversationEDU

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